Auburn gymnast Samantha Cerio, who badly injured both legs during the NCAA gymnastics regional at LSU last Friday, has gone on social media to ask people to stop reposting the graphic video of the moment she was injured.

“My pain is not your entertainment," Cerio wrote on Twitter. Her account is set to private. 

Cerio is scheduled to be on NBC’s “Today” show Monday to talk about her recovery and surgery.

A senior, Cerio was attempting a tumbling pass during her floor exercise routine in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center when she landed awkwardly, dislocating both knees and tearing ligaments in both legs. She underwent surgery Monday in Birmingham, Alabama, with orthopedic surgeon and LSU graduate Dr. James Andrews.

Cerio is getting married in two months and her immediate goal is to recover enough to be able to walk down the aisle at the ceremony. She is ultimately expected to make a complete recovery.

“We’re hoping she can do that,” Auburn coach Jeff Graba told NBC News.

Cerio posted a Twitter message Wednesday to ask people to stop circulating the video of her injury. Thursday, she made her account private.

“Going through the pain and seeing my knees bent unnaturally in real life was horrible enough,” Cerio wrote, "but to continue to see it from videos/pictures because some people feel entitled to repost it is not okay."

Despite Cerio's injury, Auburn’s gymnastics team advanced with LSU out of that Friday regional semifinal but did not advance to nationals, finishing fourth in Saturday’s final meet. LSU and Utah advanced from Baton Rouge to the NCAA Championships, April 19 and 20 in Fort Worth, Texas.

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