SEC commissioner Greg Sankey

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey speaks at SEC Media Days in July 2016 in Hoover, Ala.

Notes on a golf scorecard while thinking about what great golf and football weather is heading our way this weekend:

Autumn chill in the SEC: Just imagine if LSU does run the table the rest of the way, gets to the Southeastern Conference Championship Game and wins it. Just imagine the trophy presentation scene between Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey and LSU athletic director Joe Alleva and President F. King Alexander.

They’re probably not going to retire to a suite for brandy and cigars afterward.

The decision to move the much disputed LSU-Florida game to Tiger Stadium on Nov. 19 prompted a carefully worded statement from Sankey. In it he thanked Florida, thanked the Sun Belt Conference for making accommodations (its member, South Alabama, was to play at LSU on that date) and Presbyterian (which was to play at Florida on Nov. 19). South Alabama and Presbyterian will now play each other on Nov. 19 in Mobile.

No statements from LSU regarding the Sankey statement, but it isn’t hard to imagine folks at LSU aren’t pleased with the commissioner right now. The thinking at LSU all along was that the game could have happened Sunday or Monday after game set for Oct. 8 in Gainesville had to be scrapped because of the threat from Hurricane Matthew.

Frankly, I can’t remember a time when relations between LSU and the SEC were this frosty. Maybe it wasn’t his intent, but Sankey came off as snarky in his statement after the decision to move the game was announced. It looks like he’s playing favorites and is mighty upset LSU didn’t just knuckle under and move the game.

Fortunately, Gainesville was spared the worst of Matthew. Unfortunately, Baton Rouge wasn’t spared the worst disaster to hit this nation since Superstorm Sandy: the August flooding that ravaged our area.

It would have been unfair to penalize LSU and this area for Florida’s lack of planning and cooperation. It would behoove all sides to try to smooth over the ruffled feelings.

That said, I’m counting the days until Nov. 19. It’s going to be one chippy battle between the Tigers and Gators.

No bonus, baby: No one may have been more disappointed about the Big 12’s decision not to expand its membership than Houston coach Tom Herman.

Herman stood to collect an extravagant $5 million bonus from UH if the school got an invitation to join a Power Five conference like the Big 12.

Herman could still get rich. A report Tuesday from KRIV, the Fox TV affiliate in Houston, quoted Houston’s athletic director as saying the school is in the planning stages to upgrade Herman’s contract. By upgrade, they mean throw lots more money at him over the $3 million he’s making now.

It’s a great move for Houston if it wants to keep Herman happy. The only problem is, money isn’t going to change the fact that Houston isn’t Texas or LSU or any other big-time program in a big-time conference that may catch his fancy.

Houston may offer more money, but it won’t reasonably offer more than LSU or Texas should they decide to make him the object of their affection (it’s widely felt that Herman is LSU’s top choice).

Bizarre like Beckham: Maybe fame and pressure has gone to Odell Beckham Jr.’s blonde-topped head or something, because lately he’s been acting like he’s sprained some kind of mental giblet.

The former LSU and current New York Giants receiver lately has had an off-again-on-again romance with the team’s kicking net — he slammed his helmet into it against Washington, kissed it in Green Bay and Sunday appeared to propose to it after scoring a touchdown Sunday against Baltimore. He also ripped off his helmet after scoring on a long touchdown catch against the Ravens, which he argued shouldn’t have been a penalty because he had run to the sideline by the time the helmet came off.

Despite his immense talent (OBJ had 10 catches for 222 yards and two TDs Sunday), the act is wearing thin with two important members of Beckham’s audience: his coach and quarterback.

“He knows we can’t have it,” Giants coach Ben McAdoo said Monday.


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“With the win, you can ignore it a little bit easier,” Eli Manning said Monday on WFAN radio in New York. “It’s one of those deals where you can get real sick of it if he’s not going out there and making plays.”

Coaches dishing out admonishments are one thing. But Manning hardly has a reputation for dissing his teammates. When he does, it carries much more weight.

The Giants will probably keep putting up with Beckham’s antics — if he keeps producing. But there is a limit — like proposing to a net.

“We, as a team, need to focus on the ballgame,” McAdoo said.

For now, the focus will probably continue to be on Beckham as he and the Giants head to London to play the Los Angeles Rams.

It’ll be like reverse Beatlemania. I’m sure they’ll love him, yeah, yeah, yeah. But will he become infatuated with a soccer net while he’s across the pond?

Stay tuned.

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