STAFF PHOTO BY CHRIS GRANGER Sunday January 4, 2004 LSU head coach Nick Saban reaches up to touch the Sugarbowl trophy as he joins his team on the stage following Sunday's victory against the University of Oklahoma.

Two of LSU's national championship teams are being heralded among the best college football teams of all time.

The Tigers' 1958 and 2003 squads both were listed in ESPN's top 150 list in honor of the 150th season of college football.

ESPN ranked the 1958 team (11-0, AP, UPI titles) coached by by Paul Dietzel as the No. 66 team all time, noting that the Tigers only allowed 53 points all season. LSU was led by running back Billy Cannon.

As for the 2003 team, which finished 13-1 and winners of the BCS championship, they came in at No. 102 all time. LSU was coached by Nick Saban, now the head coach of Alabama.

The 2003 USC team, which was voted the AP national champions, was ranked No. 54, 48 spots ahead of LSU.

Also included in ESPN's list at No. 120 is the 1942 Grambling team, that finished the season 8-0. The AP title was given to Ohio State.

"The 1942 Grambling squad is known as the 'Un' team because it was unbeaten, untied and unscored upon," ESPN said.

The top 10 teams, according to ESPN, are:

  1. 1971 Nebraska (13-0)
  2. 2004 USC (13-0)
  3. 1972 USC (12-0)
  4. 1995 Nebraska (12-0)
  5. 2018 Clemson (15-0)
  6. 2005 Texas (13-0)
  7. 2001 Miami (12-0)
  8. 1979 Alabama (12-0)
  9. 1956 Oklahoma (10-0)
  10. 2009 Alabama (14-0)

You can read the complete list here.