The NCAA will have an interest in the upcoming HBO documentary in which convicted college basketball middleman Christian Dawkins explains how he got caught up in an FBI investigation into the seedy side of recruiting.

The two-hour documentary includes portions of secretly recorded tapes between Dawkins, an aspiring agent, and several college coaches. LSU’s Will Wade and Arizona’s Sean Miller are the only coaches' voices on the tapes.

According to an report, NCAA vice president of enforcement Jon Duncan said enforcement representatives will be watching and taking notes on The Scheme, which will debut at 8 p.m. Tuesday on HBO.

Transcripts of the audio tapes with several coaches emerged but were not allowed into evidence during two federal trials in which Dawkins and others were convicted in a wide-ranging investigation into basketball corruption.

Dawkins filmed the documentary while remaining out of jail appealing his convictions, which could net him about 1½ years behind bars.

The SI report also said the coronavirus pandemic that has shut down all NCAA winter and spring sports is slowing, but not stopping, the processing of a “small number” of remaining major men’s basketball cases related to the federal probe.

“We will keep the cases moving,” Duncan said.

Six schools have received Notices of Allegations since late summer following the FBI investigation: North Carolina State, Kansas, Oklahoma State, USC, TCU and South Carolina.

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