In the short term, Brandon Harris’ decision Monday to transfer away from LSU after he graduates in May can be construed as a good thing.

Drama was the major area of study when it came to the senior quarterback’s career, first in his duel with current UL-Lafayette quarterback Anthony Jennings (a win for Harris) and then with Danny Etling (a loss from which he never recovered). That the Tigers will be able to do without all that in 2017 is in a sense a blessing.

In the long term, though, Harris’ decision could be a major blow to LSU’s hopes for whatever kind of season the Tigers can have, if there’s a blow to starting quarterback Etling.

New offensive coordinator Matt Canada may rattle all the sabers he wants and try his best in spring practice and in preseason work to prod Etling to new heights.

But Canada wants Danny Etling in that pocket, Canada needs Danny Etling in that pocket, in the same way Canada the country needs American tourism dollars to flow north across the border.

Hopefully, Matty C saved some bubble wrap after unpacking from his move from Pittsburgh to Baton Rouge. Because what he and LSU need more than anything is for the Tigers’ incumbent quarterback to remain upright and in one piece from now through whatever postseason fate awaits LSU.

And keep Danny boy away from anything sharp, hot or even dangerously sticky.

When Harris tosses his mortar board at spring commencement, disappearing into midair with it will be the only other on-field college quarterbacking experience that the Tigers had on their roster. Harris-related theatricals aside, LSU is going from one of the best quarterback depth situations in the country to one of the most questionable.

Aside from Etling, LSU’s scholarship quarterbacks are Zachary’s Lindsey Scott, Justin McMillan, and incoming freshmen Myles Brennan and Lowell Narcisse, the latter being an early enrollee who will take part in spring practice starting next month.

All of them collectively have thrown one pass in a live college game. That golden moment belonging to McMillan. Hey, he did complete it for 19 yards, giving him a fairly enviable quarterback rating of 259.6.

It’s always possible that if something happens to Etling’s ability to perform, one of his backup singers could capably step into the breach. One immediately thinks of Alabama making it all the way to the CFP title game with freshman Jalen Hurts running the show.

Of course, Hurts had a supporting cast of more talent than the Cleveland Browns have on their roster.

As for Harris, the last thing we’re likely to remember of Harris is his wild and desperate interception that snuffed out LSU’s last chances of winning its 2016 season opener with Wisconsin. Hopefully, we can also remember his parting message, which was the high road personified.

“To my teammates who’ve (sic) I’ve shared a bond with it’s been fun & special,” Harris tweeted Monday. “I look forward to cheering you guys on next season. Lastly, I’ll like to thank anyone who has impacted me over the last three years(.) I’m forever grateful and can’t thank you enough.”

In a way, LSU should be thankful the Harris saga is over.

In another, maybe the Tigers shouldn’t give thanks until the season is over.

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