Texas coach Tom Herman

Texas head coach Tom Herman

Michelle Herman, the wife of Texas football head coach Tom Herman, Tweeted a video of someone berating her with racial slurs and profanity prior to last Saturday's game in Austin, Texas.

LSU won the game 45-38.

In the video, Michelle Herman, who is Hispanic, answers a phone call in Spanish and is verbally harassed by unnamed callers.

Herman said she originally Tweeted an unedited version of the video, which included the phone number of the caller, but Twitter removed the video and temporarily suspended her account for rules violations.

Warning: The video contains graphic language.

The top 10 match up was the cause of several intense moments of trash talk and bizarre antics.

Prior to the game, LSU fans discovered the phone number for Texas starting quarterback Sam Ehlinger, bombarding him with calls and messages.

On the morning of the game, members of the the Texas Silver Spurs fired their cannon, "Smokey," through a jersey of LSU quarterback Joe Burrow during the broadcast of ESPN talk show College Gameday. They held up jersey and showed off the shredded threads to the camera.

Even after LSU's win, the two schools have been in a back-and-forth debate about whether there was working air conditioning in the visiting locker room for the Tigers.

Tom Herman has not addressed the video posted by his wife.