Drake Davis

Suspended LSU wide receiver Drake Davis was ordered Monday by a Baton Rouge judge to be held in jail without bond until further notice after Davis was arrested Sunday morning for the second time in a month for allegedly beating his former girlfriend.

Davis’ attorney, Marci Blaize, told The Advocate that Davis has submitted a resignation from LSU and will no longer be an enrolled student. LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard could not confirm Davis’ resignation, stating student privacy laws.

"This is in the hands of the university," football coach Ed Orgeron said Monday afternoon, declining to elaborate.

It was Davis’ second arrest in a month, and he has been accused of abusing the same woman. He was previously arrested Aug. 17 and released on bail. Judge Donald Johnson did not grant Davis bail after the second arrest because it would have violated a protective order between Davis and the victim.

Davis' latest warrant states that the victim, who is identified as an LSU student, was at Davis' apartment Aug. 26 when the two got into an argument. The woman told LSU police that when she went to leave his apartment, he pushed her onto a couch, causing a small cut and bruising to her lower leg.

Then a witness reported to police that during another incident at about 2 a.m. Saturday, Davis struck the victim in the eye several times.

Blaize told Johnson Monday that holding Davis in jail would be “severe,” because Davis and the victim both violated the protected order. Davis’ probation officer said that “the young lady kept showing up” in “the back area of the apartment.”

The warrant lists Davis’ address as 240 West Chimes Street.

“This is not a case where Mr. Davis sought out this individual,” said Blaize, who said the victim lives 500 yards away from Davis and had continually contacted Davis through cellphone communication. “There’s not much more we can do on our part to keep her from showing up at Mr. Davis’ apartment.”

Blaize said that if Davis were released, he would move further away from the victim by living with his mother, who resides in Baton Rouge.

East Baton Rouge Assistant District Attorney Melanie Fields, who represented the state’s investigation, said keeping Davis in jail would best protect the victim while the case expanded to two district judges.

Davis’ first arrest had been assigned to Johnson, who was on duty at the time, District Attorney Hillar Moore said. The second arrest occurred while judge Richard Anderson was on duty.

Once Johnson resolves the bond agreement on the first arrest, Moore said, the case will be absorbed by Anderson.

Anderson will have a hearing either Tuesday or Wednesday, Moore said, to decide bond on Davis’ second arrest, and the district attorney’s office filed a motion with Johnson to keep Davis in jail until Anderson’s decision.

“(Davis and the victim) both violated the court order,” Fields said. “But more disturbing is (that) the warrant is for battery. That she was injured. And that those injuries were witnessed by two different third parties. Noticeable injuries. One on her leg. It’s not just arguments, but arguments that lead to injury.”

Johnson then decided he was not going to grant Davis bond, saying that though both people violated the protective order, Davis "should not have allowed that” to happen.

Blaize asked Johnson for the case to be put on Thursday's docket.

“(I asked) if we can have some alternatives to him staying in prison throughout the pendency of the case,” Blaize said. “I think there are alternatives — conditions the judge could put in place that will allow for the safety of the girl and also allow him to be free on bond.”

Davis’ first arrest centered on four incidents of abuse that included punching and grabbing the victim by her throat on multiple occasions between April 2017 and June 2018.

Davis has submitted a resignation from the university and started the process of withdrawing, Blaize said. LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard said he could not confirm that, but he did say that Davis is still technically a student.

Davis, 21, was booked Sunday on additional counts of battery of a dating partner and violation of protective orders, according to arrest documents.

LSU police recently found "evidence of batteries that have occurred since Davis was released on bond" last month and ordered to have no contact with the victim, according to an arrest warrant issued Saturday. Police allege Davis abused the victim twice since his release.

In the most recent case, police said the victim "would not admit to Davis hitting her," though investigators saw her left eye was swollen. She told investigators she was with Davis into the early morning hours and woke up later Saturday morning to find she had a black eye.

"The victim would only state that she did not know how it happened," police wrote in the warrant.

Investigators then interviewed a witness who showed them photographs of the victim's eye. The witness said the victim had provided the photos via text message, according to the warrant. The witness also said Davis was the one who attacked the victim and reported watching him repeatedly slap the woman in the face during an argument.