Les Miles was back at Tiger Stadium — and the fans loved it. 

As the former LSU coach joined much of his 2007 national championship team at midfield on Saturday, the crowd roared its approval. Miles and 70 players were expected for the ceremony at halftime of the game vs. Auburn. 

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Miles was interviewed on the field by CBS' Allie LaForce, and was offered a plate of grass. He happily took a piece and chowed down in trademark Miles fashion before LSU retook the field for the second half. 

"It's just the back-end of this thing, and only the white root you're trying to get. You don't really need a big chunk," Miles said. 

"Perfect," he added, after taking a bite.

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It was the first return to Tiger Stadium for Miles since he was fired the season before, following a heartbreaking loss to Auburn in 2016. Ed Orgeron was named the interim head coach, and eventually took over the full-time job at the end of the season.