LSU Tiger Stadium's new Skyline Club area features food, alcohol and a commanding view of the field.

To fix a trend of weakening attendance at college football stadiums across the nation, LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva said stadium vendor options would be a good place to start.

"We have to do a better job of making fan experience at games more friendly so they want to come and stay,” Alleva said, speaking at the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation Quarterback Club on Tuesday. “I really believe beer would help in that situation."

Alleva continues to push the SEC at changing its alcohol policy to allow sales throughout stadiums. A vote from the 14 school presidents is the only way to change the policy, and Alleva said “we’ve got a significant number of presidents that think that needs to be done.”

LSU has made efforts to sell alcohol in its stadiums. The school plans renovations to the PMAC to add club and suites, where alcohol is allowed. The university also turned its south end zone upper deck into what it calls the "Skyline Club," a premium area where alcohol can now be sold.

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Asked about the ill effects of allowing alcohol stadium wide, Alleva said, “I don’t know the answer to that, but they serve beer at Saints games. I believe there are 70 college serving beer right now at football games. SEC is the only conference in the country that doesn’t allow serving beer at athletic events. People want to be irresponsible, they’re going to be irresponsible. If people are going to be responsible, they’re going to be responsible.”

Information from The Advocate staff reporter Ross Dellenger was used in this report