SEC Media Days Football

Kentucky's Josh Paschal speaks to reporters during SEC Football Media Days, Tuesday, July 20, 2021, in Hoover, Ala.

1. LSU one of SEC’s super six in vaccinations

The Tigers had their day at Media Days on Monday, but LSU continued to make news as everyone tries to figure out which six SEC teams are more than 80% vaccinated. Sources say LSU is one of those, with a rate in the 90s. That’s huge for the Tigers’ hopes to get through the season without having any games impacted.

2. NIL numbers to gnaw on

The NIL income for some college athletes is already mind-boggling. That certainly was the case for Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin when he was told Nick Saban said Alabama quarterback Bryce Young has already signed nearly $1 million in deals — before starting a game. “He doesn’t need to play next year against us,” Kiffin said. “I mean, that’s mind blowing.” Sure is.

3. Transfers a two-way street

LSU fans got a sharp reminder of the new wide-open transfer portal Tuesday with talk about former LSU TE Arik Gilbert at Georgia and former LSU LT Dare Rosenthal at Kentucky. It may appear as though the Tigers are always losing key players, but Georgia safety Major Burns is transferring to LSU along with Clemson linebacker Mike Jones.

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