A group of LSU football fans were turned away from a restaurant in Florida during the Tigers' game against the Gators last week, according to an article on nwfdailynews.com.

A Florida Gators alumni club had reserved an area of the Harry T's Lighthouse restaurant in Destin and had requested that fans from the competing team not be allowed in.

Don Bass, one of the LSU fans, told WBRZ-TV he was in Destin for a wedding Saturday and was hoping to eat with friends and family and watch LSU play Florida at Tiger Stadium on TV. Bass, from Mississippi, was wearing an LSU hat.

"We were greeted by the manager, and the first thing he said was, 'there's no LSU fans allowed in here.'"

The incident sparked a heated exchange on social media after Bass wrote a letter to the restaurant and posted it and the restaurant's response on Facebook.

The email response said the restaurant has had previous issues with LSU fans: "LSU does not carry a good name here at Harry T's, in previous years (this year as well) we've had LSU 'fans' physically attack a few members of our staff," an employee named Nick wrote.

The restaurant has sinced apoligized and offered to make amends with LSU fans.

Flag on the play! Unsportsman like conduct towards our LSU Football fans last Saturday. We regret the situation that...

Posted by Harry T's Lighthouse on Thursday, October 22, 2015