LSU coach Ed Orgeron may be facing the pressure to deliver a successful season in 2021, but the Louisiana native appeared confident and relaxed as he traded verbal barbs with a UCLA fan Saturday night on the way into the Rose Bowl.

A UCLA fan shouted at Orgeron as he walked up to the stadium ahead of Saturday night's 7:30 p.m. kickoff in Los Angeles, "We're going to beat you down."

Orgeron didn't hesitate one bit when he answered, "Bring your a** on in your little sissy blue shirt!"

The head coach then let out a slight laugh as he continued his way into the stadium.

Coming off a disappointing 5-5 season, Orgeron is 45-14 during his time as the LSU head coach. 

Even with all the buzz and noise surrounding the LSU football program, it's clear the pressure hasn't changed the boisterous and intense Orgeron headed into his sixth season on the job.

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