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Alex Box Stadium is seen from the South Stadium Club inside Tiger Stadium on June 15.

New baseball coach Jay Johnson signed a five-year contract with LSU that will pay him $6.5 million total before incentives by the end of the deal, according to a preliminary term sheet released by the school Friday.

Johnson agreed to an annual salary that will begin at $1.2 million and increase by $50,000 increments until he earns $1.4 million the final year of the deal. Johnson’s contract ends in 2026.

The deal is contingent on a background check and approval by the LSU Board of Supervisors.

Johnson officially became LSU’s 26th baseball coach Friday morning, calling the job “the opportunity of my lifetime” in a prewritten statement. He succeeded Paul Mainieri, who retired after winning one national championship over 15 seasons.

Johnson’s initial salary topped the reported $856,687 he earned last season at Arizona. It also closely matched what LSU paid Mainieri. During his final contract, Mainieri earned $1.225 million per year before incentives. He retired with three years left on his deal.

Johnson, whose LSU contract included $750,000 to help cover his buyout at Arizona, can make an additional $20,000 for winning a Southeastern Conference championship and $100,000 for a national championship, among other postseason bonuses.

If LSU terminates the contract without cause before the deal ends, the school will owe Johnson the remainder of his salary. It won’t have to pay Johnson if it fires him with cause. Should Johnson leave before the end of the contract, he will owe 50% of the rest of his annual salary.

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