In a country where football is king and the words “bigger is better” could well be our national mantra, the folks at LSU are trying to figure out whether to tie the two together when it comes to Tiger Stadium.

LSU is currently polling fans to find out just what is the demand for more seats in Tiger Stadium of the club, suite and garden variety.

The focus is on the rim of the stadium behind the south end zone. That’s where, one day soon, you could see new club seats and suites and a deck that would connect the existing east and west uppers.

Or not.

Major issues are tied to another major expansion of Tiger Stadium. While there are waiting lists for more club seats and suites, another slab of upper deck seats would put the people sitting at the top closer to the I-10/12 split than the north end zone.

“Everybody wants a 100,000-seat stadium,” said Eddie Nunez, LSU’s associate athletic director for operations. The question for LSU becomes what would the fan experience be in far flung south upper seats and just how often could the Tigers could fill a stadium that with a connecting south upper deck would likely have a capacity of 110,000 to 115,000.

While the idea of having the largest stadium in America no doubt has some appeal, it makes no sense overall.

Yes, LSU does sell out of season tickets every year, but empty seats are plentiful for the lesser games even when the Tigers are winning big. Not every game is Alabama or Florida or Auburn.

Still, Nunez said something needs to be done on the south end because the big scoreboard at that end is on its last legs. How to replace it, and where to put a new scoreboard in relation to any new construction, is a looming issue.

While architects ponder the future of south stadium, real physical work continues elsewhere to make the old gray lady ready for her 87th season when Northwestern State comes calling Sept. 10.

Workers have already laid down a new layer of Celebration Bermuda turf that Nunez said is growing in well in the June heat and (lately) rain. The turf has been completely replaced the last two years f