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Amid fireworks, the LSU football team runs onto the field for the first half of the Alabama game Saturday Nov. 5, 2016, in Tiger Stadium.

In a sports world where fan fervor no longer necessarily translates into sellout crowds, LSU is feeling the pinch as much as anyone.

Prices for football season tickets and the Tiger Athletic Foundation Tradition Fund reflect that reality.

In a proposal that goes before the LSU Board of Supervisors on Friday, LSU would hold the line on Tradition Fund fees for the seven-game 2018 home season and even lower them in two hard-to-sell areas of the stadium.

LSU is also not going up on season ticket prices overall, though the school is creating a new season ticket option for the Skyline Club section of Tiger Stadium’s south upper deck, which last year was ticketed on a game-by-game basis and with mini-ticket packages.

“In football we went with the current pricing structure and lowered it in a couple of areas,” LSU athletic ticket manager Brian Broussard said. “And we established a Skyline Club price.”

Season ticket prices for LSU’s seven-game home schedule would be $425 in all areas except the student section ($84 for general admission, $126 for reserved) and $360 for seats that basically comprise the upper two-thirds of Tiger Stadium’s east and west upper decks.

The $425 season ticket price for the Skyline Club — the strip of seats above the club sections and suites behind Tiger Stadium’s south end zone — also include an all-you-can-eat menu, with beer and wine available for an additional cost. Last year, LSU offered Skyline Club tickets for $45-120 depending on the game and two- and three-game ticket packages for $500 that included the Tradition Fund fee.

Tradition Fund fees throughout the stadium will remain as they were for 2017: As much as $1,025 for prime sideline seats in Tiger Stadium’s lower bowl and Tiger Terrace sections, but all the way down to no fee for east and west upper-deck bench seats.

LSU is dropping the Tradition Fund fee from $420 to $260 on east and west upper-deck chairback seats in sections near the end zones, and the fee drops from $225 to $125 for the best sideline benchback seats in the top two-thirds of the west upper deck.

LSU is also lowering the cost of parking passes for two lots from $400 to $275 per season. Those are Lot 407, on Skip Bertman Drive between Tiger Park and River Road; and Lot 411, which fronts LSU’s new tennis facility on Gourrier Avenue across from Alex Box Stadium.

While football ticket pricing will continue to require full Board of Supervisors approval, a proposed change will allow the athletic director Joe Alleva to set ticket prices for all other sports with more limited supervision.

Under the proposal, the athletic director will have discretion to set prices with written approval from the LSU System President, the board chairman and chairman of the Board of Supervisor’s athletic committee. The proposal also seeks the option for the athletic director to have discretion to lower football ticket prices with the same type of written approval.

“The way we would do this is, as each season concludes, we will evaluate and submit a pricing strategy based off of what we feel will be best for the sport and the market in Baton Rouge on an annual basis,” Broussard said. “In most cases ticket prices won’t change, but in some cases they may go higher or lower depending on the situation with the sport.”

Broussard’s latter statement refers to what is known as “dynamic pricing,” the process of raising or lowering ticket prices in season based on high or low demand for a particular game. He said LSU has been using dynamic pricing on a limited basis the past three or four years.

“Things have become so much more fluid in terms of attendance and fans and what they want,” Broussard said. “We need to get approval quicker than if we go through the full board process.”

LSU's football season begins Sept. 2 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, against Miami. The Tigers' home opener is Sept. 8 against Southeastern Louisiana.

2018 LSU football Tradition Fund prices (per seat)

(All prices are unchanged from 2017 unless otherwise noted)

Sideline and Tiger Terrace 1 $1,025

Sideline and Tiger Terrace 2 $975

Sideline and Tiger Terrace 3 $925

Low sidelines (Rows 1-2) $575

North and South end zone 1 $300

North and South end zone 2 $260

South end zone 3 $210

East and west chairbacks 1 $525

East and west chairbacks 2 $420

East and west chairbacks 3 $260 (was $420)

North end zone and upper level accessible $210

West upper benchback seats $125 (was $225)

East upper bench seats $0

West upper bench seats $0

2018 LSU football season ticket prices

Premium sideline/Tiger Terrace $425

End zone/upper chairback $425

Skyline Club $425 (individual game tickets only in 2017)

Upper benchback/bench $360

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