LSU coach Mainieri is already in line for nearly $400,000 in bonuses this year and would earn an extra $25,000 if the Tigers win the College World Series.

Mainieri’s base package of $1.125 million has already been sweetened by $295,000 in incentive bonuses to this point. LSU is also obligated to pay him a $100,000 “longevity bonus” on June 30.

That’s $1.52 million total. The national championship bonus would raise his compensation for 2017 to $1.545 million.

Mainieri’s bonuses to date break down as follows:

• $25,000: SEC West title

• $35,000: SEC regular-season title

• $35,000: SEC tournament title

• $50,000: Hosting NCAA regional

• $50,000: Hosting NCAA super regional

• $25,000: CWS appearance

• $25,000: CWS title series appearance

• $50,000: APR bonus

The hair affair

LSU shortstop Kramer Robertson has had enough of his blonde hair, which he dyed Tuesday before the Tigers’ second game with Florida State.

Since then, the Tigers haven’t lost. And his teammates aren’t letting him change it back to its natural dark brown until the CWS is over.

“It was funny for the first day, maybe the first two,” Robertson said. “Then you wake up day three, day four, and you’re like, ‘Damn. I’ve still got blonde hair. This sucks.’ ”

Robertson said the view of himself on the ballpark’s video replay board doesn’t help.

“I look at the board after a play and I’ll see myself and kind of jump,” he said. “It looks like somebody dumped a plate of noodles on my head.”

Who’s on third?

With several days until the potential final start of his career, Lange didn’t have any bullpen work to do Sunday. So he spent part of LSU’s practice time taking grounders at third base.

Lange played first base in high school when he wasn’t pitching, but let’s just say he looks more graceful on the mound than playing the hot corner.

Maineri walked by as Lange was at third and did a double-take.

“Let’s start a rumor,” he said.

Home and purple

LSU won the coin toss Saturday night and will be the home team for Game 1 and Game 3. Florida will be the home team for Game 2.

The Tigers have also decided to continue wearing purple for each game. LSU has worn purple the last three games.

Advocate sportswriters Luke Johnson and Ross Dellenger contributed to this report.

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