Hurricane Matthew Florida

People stand on the pier as waves crash below as Hurricane Matthew approaches on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016 in St. Augustine, Fla. Leaving more than 100 dead in its wake across the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew steamed toward heavily populated Florida with terrifying winds of 140 mph Thursday, and 2 million people across the Southeast were warned to flee inland. (Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun via AP)

Fearing the worst ahead of a potentially devastating Hurricane Matthew, the Gainesville area saw upward of 3,500 homes lose power, but escaped largely unscathed. 

The strongest wind gusts in the Gainesville area were recorded as 48 mph, with sustained winds at 33 mph, according to a report from, and just an inch of rain. 

"I wouldn’t say we dodged it, but it dodged us,” Gainesville Mayor Lauren Poe said in the report. "We’re really thankful for that.”

The Gainesville area was slated to host an SEC game between LSU and the University of Florida on Saturday afternoon, but the game was postponed Thursday. The decision drew the ire of many after Florida declined options put forth to play the game in Baton Rouge, or delay until Sunday or Monday. 

Concern was expressed over the impact on SEC standings should the game not be made up, which sources indicated was a likely outcome. 

Hurricane Matthew had a much more significant impact along the Florida coast, and continues to make its way up the Georgia and South Carolina coast on Saturday. 

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