The showdown everyone has been waiting for is finally here: LSU takes on Alabama Saturday night in a huge SEC matchup. Both teams are national title contenders, and both teams don't like to lose. Here are some score predictions from The Advocate sportswriters and from other corners of the Internet.

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Ross Dellenger: Alabama 17, LSU 14

If this game’s in Baton Rouge, I’m probably picking the Tigers. They’re that evenly matched - or at least that’s how it appears: two run-heavy, grinding, physical offenses with athletic defenses.

The one big difference and, maybe, deciding factor: depth of the Tide’s defensive front seven compared to the depth, or lack thereof, of LSU’s defensive front. That’ll be a key in the fourth quarter. And we’re guessing Bama will pull one out because of it.

Sheldon Mickles: Alabama 24, LSU 23

There have been some epic battles in this series lately — 2010, ’11, ’12 and ’14 quickly come to mind — and this matchup has all the ingredients for another one: Quarterbacks throwing to swift receivers, powerful offensive and defensive lines, aggressive linebackers, wily DBs, and, most of all, stud running backs Leonard Fournette and Derrick Henry pounding away at stubborn defenses. It can go either way, but the home field wins out.

Scott Rabalais: LSU 20, Alabama 17

There are plenty of reasons to pick Alabama. The Tide has the superior front seven, a strong running game and home field. But LSU has plenty on its side, too. A better running game with Leonard Fournette, a more effective quarterback in Brandon Harris, and what may prove to be the difference, a kicker who makes field goals in Trent Domingue. If LSU limits the busts in the secondary and on special teams it can slay the dragon.

AP Top 25

This is the seventh time since 2005 that the Tide and Tigers play with both in the top 10 ... ALABAMA 24-17.

FOX Sports

FOX sportscaster Stew Mandel gives the win to Alabama 20-17, and Bruce Feldman agrees, settling on the same Alabama 20-17 score.

CBS Sports

The group over at CBS Sports is more in favor of an LSU win, with five of the seven predictions saying the Tigers will defeat Alabama.