Ed Orgeron didn't give any clues as to who might be the starting quarterback when LSU takes the field this season, but he made sure to discuss all of them. 

Entering his second full season, Orgeron ticked off the qualities of each possible QB -- Ohio State transfer Joe Burrow, sophomore Myles Brennan, redshirt freshman Lowell Narcisse, and junior Justin McMillan -- as he spoke to Baton Rouge Rotary Club members and media on Wednesday.

"It's going to be exciting," Orgeron said, reiterating that he'd like to name a quarterback by the end of fall camp if possible. 

He addressed Burrow's path to LSU specifically, noting that when the Ohio-native came to visit, Orgeron was sure Burrow would be headed to Cincinnatti, where he'd been offered the starting gig. 

"We said this, 'you're going to have to come here and compete,' " Orgeron said. 

After four days, Burrow called back and said " 'Coach I want to choose to compete at the highest level,' " Orgeron recalled. 

He went on to say any of the four quarterbacks has a chance, and the offense can be suited to their distinct playing styles. 

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Other notes from Orgeron's speech: 

• LSU has a new kicker, Orgeron said. He made sure to pause for the laugh, a clear reference to last year's kicking woes. Cole Tracy will be the kicker to begin the season. 

• The number of football analysts on staff doubled from five to 10 this offseason at Orgeron’s request.

He said he received a scouting report from “our enemy a couple of states over” (Alabama) last season and was “embarrassed to see the things they had on us.”

Orgeron said the additional analysts have made a “night and day” difference.

“We have them to break down 12 games and analyze them and put them in different categories and stuff like that,” he said. “Before that, we only had basic information. Coaches would have to figure that out during the week. Now, all that stuff is done.”

Orgeron discussed the team's ongoing recruiting successes, which included another in-state 4-star prospect committing to the Tigers Wednesday morning in Kentwood wide receiver Trey Palmer.

• Orgeron gushed about his team's maturity this offseason, one that has been scandal free.

• Orgeron was asked a question by a man identifying himself as a Miami student:

"How are you going to beat such an amazing team in week 1?" he asked.

"You made a wrong turn on that interstate, boy, ... next question."

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