LSU Tiger Stadium Baton Rouge

Advocate file photo -- LSU's Tiger Stadium

A cold beer anywhere in Tiger Stadium could be closer than ever. 

The subject of alcohol sales in SEC stadiums, now mostly prohibited, will be a major topic of discussion at the upcoming SEC Meetings, according a report from Sports Illustrated. 

The discussion of the policy will be "front and center" and "the main thing" during the four-day event, the report said. 

The expansion of alcohol sales in college venues has been debated nationally over the past several years, and while the Southeastern Conference remains the only Power 5 league to prohibit the sale of alcohol in general seating areas, LSU has pressed forward through loopholes to give its fans alcoholic beverage options.

Beer is currently allowed to be sold in "premium seating" portions of SEC stadiums, such as LSU's "The Chute" on the ground level at Tiger Stadium (football) and "The Yard" inside Alex Box Stadium (baseball). They debuted in September and February respectively.

Unlike the SEC, former conference member Tulane, now with the American Athletic Conference, "believed to be one of the first schools to serve alcohol in general seating areas," according to Sports Illustrated.

Tulane left the SEC and was an independent program from 1966-1995.

“What’s really a joke, you go up to LSU and you sit in certain areas, and you get all the alcohol you want,” Bill Goldring, a billionaire in the alcohol industry and Tulane legislative board member, is quoted by Sports Illustrated. “If you’re tailgating before the game, everybody is drunk and you can smell it from 10 miles away. If it’s a feel-good policy, it’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.”

Beer and wine that is sold at LSU baseball and football games is restricted to tented areas for a portion of the game - alcohol can't be brought out of those areas.

The official SEC policy states that its alcohol ban "shall not apply to private, leased areas in the facility or other areas designated by the SEC."