Catching up with fullback Connor Neighbors about switching from linebacker and his receiving skills:

The Advocate: Have you ever wondered what your career would be like if you had stayed at linebacker?

Connor Neighbors: I do wonder if I would have been as successful as a linebacker. I do know, though, that I would have had to wait just as long. Who knows? Maybe I would have been a terrible linebacker, or maybe I would have gotten hurt and never have played. But I’m thankful for the path that I chose, and I’m just trying to be the best fullback in the nation.

TA: How important is being a good receiver at fullback in Cam Cameron’s offense?

CN: It’s a thing. I’ve split out a couple of times last year, but I was obviously the decoy. In his offense, anything is possible. As long as I do what they ask me to do, who knows what will happen?

TA: How good are your hands as a receiver?

CN: My hands are great.

TA: Is it going to be nice to line up against a player who isn’t wearing purple and gold?

CN: Absolutely. It’s game week now, and we look forward to this every Saturday. We get to beat up on somebody who isn’t your friend. You get to test the waters and see if you’re the better team.

Quote of the day

“Yeah, we’ll communicate. Those communications will be held kind of close to the vest in how we communicate that to our quarterbacks.”

LSU coach Les Miles, talking about when he plans to name his starting QB for the Wisconsin game

By the numbers

1: The number of starts sophomore offensive lineman Ethan Pocic made at center in 2013. Coach Les Miles said Pocic likely will start at center Saturday.

6: The number of true freshmen Miles said “will play key roles” this season.

17: The number of years since Wisconsin last opened its season against a ranked opponent. The Badgers lost their opening contest to Syracuse 34-0 in 1997.