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LSU quarterback Joe Burrow looks downfield to pass against Ole Miss on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2018 in Tiger Stadium.

Wait — wasn’t this the betting line on Sunday? Sure, No. 2 Georgia remains undefeated, and No. 13 LSU took a knock against Florida last week; but the Bulldogs maintained a consensus minus-7 favorite throughout the week, the same spread that was given when the lines first opened?

At this point in the season, Michael Riordan, a business partner at Right Angle Sports, said, the lines are fairly straightforward and easy to set.

"In the first month of the year, there's far more market volatility than there is now," Riordan said. "LSU is a perfect example. Entering the season opener, there was plenty of reason to be optimistic or skeptical. You were handicapping the unknown. But now we have seen LSU play six games and have a much better sense of who they are. Georgia, for the most part, has been a known commodity. We all know they're really good."

The lack of line movement is consistent across college football. Out of the 53 games this weekend, 38 of the games have moved one point or less on the betting line since they opened this week. No game has moved by more than a field goal, and in many cases, it's a key injury or a quarterback status change that is leading to the move.

In the SEC, only the Auburn-Tennessee game has moved more than a point, and the other five games have seen almost no movement:

- Texas A&M opened -2 vs South Carolina (A&M is currently -2.5)

- Ole Miss opened -6.5 vs Arkansas (Ole Miss currently -7)

- Auburn opened -18 vs Tennessee (Auburn currently -15)

- Alabama opened -28 vs Missouri (Alabama currently -27.5)

- Florida opened -8 vs Vanderbilt (Florida currently -7)

- Georgia opened -7 vs LSU (currently -7)

So now that betting opinions are starting to solidify, how is LSU viewed?

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"They're a good team, but not a great team," Riordan said. "They're probably a bit overrated in the polls. They've probably gotten a bit lucky. (Quarterback) Joe Burrow has been inconsistent and sometimes erratic, but until the Florida game, he had avoided the big mistake. If Georgia's defense can similarly turn him over, then LSU will have a tough time covering this number."