Odell Beckham Jr., the former LSU Tiger and current New York Giants star receiver, has been subjected to gay slurs all season long, former NFL star receiver Michael Irvin told the New York Daily News.

Beckham has been suspended for this Sunday night's game after picking up three personal fouls during a testy matchup last week with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. Panthers coach Ron Rivera has denied any of his players were taunting Beckman with gay slurs.

Irvin, who says he has a mentor relationship with Beckham and talks to him often, said the taunts happened last week and have been happening every week. He makes the comments in a story posted Tuesday at www.nydailynews.com.

“He deals with it a lot. For some reason, everybody goes after him with gay slurs. He’s a different kind of dude. He has the hairdo out, he’s not the big muscular kind of dude. The ladies all love him. He’s a star. I wonder why people are going in that direction. It blows my mind. I told him he can’t let stuff that people say get to you,” Irvin said.

Irvin said Beckham is contrite about his behavior in the Panthers game but also frustrated by the attacks.

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