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LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron on the field during pregame drills before kickoff against Missouri, Saturday, October 1, 2016 at LSU's Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La.

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I have no idea.

Uh, yeah on both counts.

Joe Alleva called this an "audition" for Orgeron for the full-time job. We firmly believe that Orgeron is the favorite or toward the top of the list of favorites right now. It's one of those things - he has to lose the job, it feels like.

Orgeron would take it in a heartbeat. He's made it very clear how much he wants this job. It's a dream for him, the head coach at the flagship program in his homestate. 

We wrote a bit about Alabama's offense here. It's not your traditional Bama offense. The Tide has really gone full spread, using QB Jalen Hurts in an offense that reminds Orgeron of the Wildcat scheme Arkansas used to employ under Houston Nutt.

So, first, you've got to stop the QB runs in such a scheme. Hurts leads Bama in rushing attempts, and he's averaging 5.5 yards a carry. The Tide's downfield passing game is a work-in-progress. The Tigers must stuff the run.

Yes. It can always get stranger. 

It's tough to say, with us not being in meetings and at practices with either coach, but your suggestions are on the right track. Orgeron seems to be pretty hands off with LSU's offense, allowing guys like O-line coach Jeff Grimes and OC Steve Ensminger to control their units. 

Also, we really do believe that the tweaks in LSU's practice habits have paid off. Orgeron shortened practices while also speeding them up. Long practices - even on Fridays, the day before a game - was common place under Miles. Many around the program feel like players were worn down for the game, especially during the second halves. 

LSU has outscored opponents 73-7 in the second half in three games under Orgeron.

The focus and key to the game is certainly LSU's offensive line against Alabama's defensive front: Can they open holes and protect QB Danny Etling? We wrote about that here.

LSU's defense seems to match up against Bama's offense much better than the aforementioned matchup. As we mentioned earlier in the Mailbag, Alabama has gone full spread with a true dual-threat QB in Jalen Hurts. The Tigers have seen this offense before - namely, Auburn. 

I think the Tigers can win, yes. The one troubling matchup is that LSU O-line against Bama's defensive front. That's been the Tigers' bugaboo during this five-game losing streak to Alabama. 

  • The Tigers win if... LSU blocks Alabama's defensive front enough to have Fournette average at least 4 yards a carry and Etling complete at least 60 percent of his passes with no more than 2 sacks.
  • The Tigers lose if ... those things don't happen.

It's still so early in the season. While candidates are being vetted, things aren't serious enough, at this point, to start throwing out names via anonymous sources.

I'm sure that will come soon enough (or, maybe, Orgeron will win enough that LSU won't need a search at all). 

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