It’s not easy getting college football coaches to honestly assess another coach, player or team without a bunch of coach speak or overused cliches. Athlon Sports gave SEC coaches a chance to talk anonymously about their opponents, and they did not hold back.

The coaches are a little mystified about LSU, with some not quite sure what to expect and others predicting a close facsimile of last season. Here are some of the comments:

• “I’m mystified why they haven’t been good offensively. ... Really, they have everything they need. If they can get better quarterback play, they’ll be one of the better offenses in our league.”

• “Brandon Harris is as gifted as any player as you can find throwing the football. ... If he’s not the guy, they’ll be very similar to last year, really conservative.”

• “It’ll be interesting to see which direction they go schematically with Kevin Steele.”

• “Maybe Steele will have a different scheme that allows the guys they do have to be what they need, but they don’t have those typical LSU guys you’re scared you can’t block.”

• “They struggled a bit at defensive tackle last year, and it may be a lot of the same, but Davon Godchaux is going to be great.”

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