Photos: LSU takes on New Mexico State _lowres

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- LSU tight end DeSean Smith

Q: How has playing with Trey Quinn again been? (Both Smith and Quinn played together at Barbe High School in Lake Charles.)

A: I’d like to get the duo thing going like we did in high school.

Q: Did you play more tight end or wideout in high school?

A: I played tight end, but I was probably on the offensive line about 10 percent of my career. But I was split out a lot and in the slot running out routes and stickies and stuff like that.

Q: With you two on offense, how often did your squad throw the ball?

A: I think we had a game where we threw the ball 64 times or something like that.

Q: Was it understood while you were being recruited that LSU tends to be a run-first offense?

A: LSU is a run-game tradition over here. We come in and we try our best to get the ball. We just have to continue to keep working hard. We still have to block for our running backs, who are great. I understand why we run the ball a lot here. If we just keep running and running, we’ll be able to open up our passing game more and trick people.

Q: How do you think you’ve improved as a blocker from your first season to now?

A: Last year, to tell you the truth, I had no clue what I was doing. It was tough, and it was a big change. Just working with all the veteran tight ends and (LSU tight ends coach Steve) Ensminger, they’ve definitely helped me improve so much. I feel better and more confident blocking than I ever have.

Q: Cam Cameron used his tight ends more in Baltimore. Is there still plenty left to be seen from the tight end position this season?

A: We definitely need to utilize our tight ends more. It would help us open up our run game and help our receivers get open. We need to keep fighting and wait our turn.

Q: Is it difficult adjusting from Anthony Jennings to Brandon Harris and vice versa?

A: In my opinion, they have two different styles. They both have a different ball and different speeds on the ball. We all have our timings down with them.