If you picked up a bet slip in the last few weeks for Joe Burrow to win the Heisman Trophy, frame it and hang it on the wall. It'll be worth far more as a collectible than what you'll get by cashing it in.

By the time the Heisman Trophy was presented in New York City, Burrow was sitting as an astounding 250/1 favorite -- a figure that blows away any and all recent winners he'd be compared to. 

Betting odds are often listed as positive or negative, with the number indicating how much must be bet to win $100. In Burrow's case, that number was 25,000.

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Burrow's fellow finalists at the Playstation Theater Saturday went off as massive underdogs. Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields and Oklahoma Quarterback Jalen Hurts both went off at +2500, while Buckeyes defensive end Chase Young was +4000. 

A $10 bet on those odds would've paid out (had that player winning the award): 

  • On Chase Young: $400
  • On Jalen Hurts: $250
  • On Justin Fields: 250
  • On Joe Burrow: 40 cents

But it wasn't always like this for Burrow. In fact, of the past decade of Heisman Trophy winners dating back to 2009, none opened at a higher betting line than Burrow's at +15000 last summer, according to SportsBettingDime.com.

If any soothsayers or -- more likely -- excited Tigers fans put down big money on LSU's quarterback to skyrocket to national prominence, that bet slip is now a lottery ticket. DO NOT HANG IT ON THE WALL. 

A $10 bet on Burrow's line last summer would now pay out $1,500 -- and anyone wildly confident enough to throw $500 on Burrow's name would be holding a ticket worth $75,000. 

LSU season-ticket holder Matt Porter falls in the middle, having placed a $50 bet on Burrow last summer at 200/1 odds. 

“I will have turned $50 into $10,000," Porter said this week. "That doesn’t happen every day, that rate of return in a six-month period.”

A pair of $300 bets were also made on Burrow at 100/1 odds, and is set to pay out $60,000, according to a report.

But those odds fell quickly building into a season with high expectations, dropping to +8000 by mid-august and to +3700 after LSU's first game -- a blowout win over Georgia Southern. 

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LSU's win over Texas the following week cut the odds again, and Burrow had already seen his odds to win the trophy fall to +970 (roughly 10/1). By the time October came around the odds were hovering just under +300 and in line with the other Heisman hopefuls around the college football landscape. The favorite, however, remained Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa virtually all season -- the only other player to cross the barrier of even odds this season. Burrow officially supplanted Tagovailoa atop the odds board in the week leading up to LSU's annual showdown with Auburn, but took firm grasp of the mantle of "favorite" when the Tigers took down the previously unbeaten Crimson Tide 46-41 in Tuscaloosa on Nov. 8. 

Joe Burrow wears 'Burreaux' jersey on senior day

Burrow's odds jumped to -800 after that game, but they didn't truly skyrocket until Tagovailoa went down with a season-ending hip injury against Mississippi State. With Burrow's biggest contender no longer on the field, his odds blew up quickly, surging to -2500 as of Dec. 2 and then to the astronomical number listed this week following an SEC Championship victory over Georgia.

And whether you're inclined to throw cash on a futures bet or not, the numbers should stand out even for an award that is often a foregone conclusion before the cameras begin rolling. 

Of the past 10 winners, dating back to Alabama running back Mark Ingram in 2009, the next-biggest favorite was Jameis Winston in 2013 who was reported to be listed at 100/1, or -10000. Comprehensive data on opening and closing was not available for each player, and preseason lines were not available for Ingram, Cam Newton (2010) and Winston. But Burrow's opening line is also not drawn close to by any recent winner. 

Lamar Jackson owns the second largest swing, going from +11000 in the preseason to a closing line of -2500.

But there have only been two legitimately close calls in that stretch, which included nine quarterback wins and two running backs -- both from Alabama. Last year's result was one of those, with Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray closely beating out Tagovailoa. Murray's final odds were listed at -190, just under 1/2. 

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And there's only one winner in that stretch that paid out big even for late bettors: Johnny Manziel in 2012. Even as the favorite, his odds were at +400 in the days leading up to the trophy ceremony.

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