LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda's $2.5 million per year contract makes him the highest-paid assistant coach in college football, a report released Wednesday by USA Today listed.

The contract, which began in January and expires in March 2022, was created in large part to retain Aranda and keep one of the nation's top defensive minds from leaving LSU.

LSU pays its assistant coaching staff a total of $6.42 million, which ranks fifth in the nation and second in the Southeastern Conference.

The highest-paid assistant staff in the nation is Ohio State, with a total salary of $7,383,938, and Texas A&M leads the SEC with a total assistant staff salary of $6,789,640

Aranda's $2.5 million-per-year salary is higher than the total staff salary of the entire Central Florida coaching staff ($2,345,018).

No. 11 LSU (9-3) plays No. 8 UCF (12-0) in the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 1.

Here is the full list of LSU assistant coaches, and where their salaries rank nationally:


Dave Aranda

Rank: No. 1

Total pay per year: $2.5 million

Position: Defensive coordinator


Steve Ensminger

Rank: No. 42

Total pay per year: $800,000

Position: Offensive coordinator


Tommie Robinson

Rank: No. 85

Total pay per year: $600,000

Position: Assistant head coach/Running backs coach/Recruiting coordinator

James Cregg

Rank: No. 150

Total pay per year: $485,000

Position: Offensive line coach

Jerry Sullivan

Rank: No. 164

Total pay per year: $460,000

Position: Passing game coordinator

Corey Raymond

Rank: No. 205

Total pay per year: $410,000

Position: Defensive backs coach


Greg McMahon

Rank: No. 245

Total pay per year: $385,000

Position: Special teams coordinator


Bill Busch

Rank: No. 247

Total pay per year: $385,000

Position: Defensive safeties coach


Mickey Joseph

Rank: No. 489

Total pay per year: $210,000

Position: Wide receivers coach


Dennis Johnson

Rank: No. 529

Total pay per year: $210,000

Position: Defensive line coach