St. Amant pitcher Blayne Enlow throws in Catholic High's 5-1 win over the Gators on Saturday, April 8, 2017, in St. Amant.

Stories about business deals brokered on a golf course are a dime a dozen.

But former St. Amant High baseball star Blayne Enlow had one Tuesday morning that was life-changing. And it apparently involves more than just change.

Enlow was playing golf at Pelican Point when his phone rang. A family adviser told him he had "a minute or so" to decide whether he wanted to sign with the Minnesota Twins.

“I didn’t realize what time the draft was going to start today,” he said. “So I went with my boys to play some golf. When my adviser called, I called my dad. All of us got together on a call with the Twins. We worked it out right there.”

Soon after, the Twins made the LSU signee the first pick of the second day of the MLB draft — No. 76 overall and the first selection of the third round. The pick was slotted with an approximate value of $755,000, but a source told The Advocate that Enlow is in line to receive a bonus in the $2 million range. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that a Twins official also valued the deal in the $2 million range.

Enlow said he was on Hole No. 9 when the deal was done. The right-hander went on to play a total of 27 holes, content with his decision and even tweeting, “Proud to be apart of the Minnesota Twins organization. All glory to the man above.”

Enlow's draft story took some twists and turns over the past three weeks. He was projected as the No. 27 pick by the Chicago Cubs late last month by Baseball America and was 33rd, one slot of ahead of current LSU star Alex Lange, by Baseball America in its top 500 list released June 4.

Based on those projections, it was a little surprising that Enlow wasn’t one of the first 75 players drafted Monday. For his part, Enlow said he was not concerned, given advice he received from his adviser.

“We figured I would go somewhere in the third or fourth round and that I’d be in line to get some carryover money,” Enlow said. “That’s when a team takes money they save when they sign other guys for less than what they’re slotted for and they give it to other players.”

Enlow fielded another call from the Twins later Tuesday. He said he hopes to sign soon.

As a high school senior, he was 5-3 with seven complete games and five shutouts in 11 starts. He struck out 101 in 69.2 innings and had an ERA of 1.01.

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