Reinvigorating or redundant? Microwaved leftovers, or a rich gumbo that tastes better the second day after its ingredients have had a chance to blend?

Clearly this year’s BCS National Championship Game - LSU and Alabama Redux, the Tigers versus the Tide II - doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. A majority of college football fans who paused long enough from sticking pins in little BCS voodoo dolls to click their mouses, voted in an online poll that they preferred a car ride from Baton Rouge to Bossier City with a load of rancid bananas riding shotgun to the current way their sport picks its mythical champion.

But curse it all you want and pound on the German-engineered (make that financed) walls of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome until the LSU-Alabama game is done, and for now, at least, it’s not going to change anything.

So, given the current system, here is what’s important to remember about this year’s matchup:

LSU needs to beat Alabama. It really, really needs to win.

No, not so Tigers fans can thrust out their chests with pride. Not to take a chip off the sense of entitlement that Crimson Tide fans have - thought if I were LSU I’d put patrols around all its oak trees if the Tigers do triumph. Not even to ease Jarrett Lee’s pain with some gold-plated BCS bling.

No, LSU needs to win to save college football. It’s that simple. It’s that important.

If Alabama wins Jan. 9,

it will have the BCS title, LSU will have the Southeastern Conference title, each will have a win over the other and the bruises to prove it.

But more than that, there’s a decent chance the voters in The Associated Press poll - who are beholden to no one, including the BCS - would still make LSU their No. 1 should the Tigers lose a close game.

It could easily happen. There are 60 voters in the AP poll. Assuming that if LSU were to lose by say seven points or less and as a result no one would drop the Tigers lower than No. 2, it means just 31 voters have to keep LSU No. 1 on their ballots for the Tigers to win the AP trophy. And they just might, citing the eight ranked teams LSU beat to get to Poydras Street.

Everything would be split. The debate over who is better would never end. No resolution. No peace. The Beach Boys sang about the Endless Summer? This would be the Endless Season. It would simply go on and on and on.

I know, I know. I know the answer: a playoff. Ultimately, there may be one. But it isn’t going to happen between now and Jan. 9. And there isn’t going to be a best two-of-three game between LSU and Bama in Cowboys Stadium a week before the Super Bowl.

So LSU wins and everyone can say, ?That’s the best team, end of story.”

Unless you prefer potentially BCS-busting chaos. Then you should pull for Bama. And be prepared for the endless war of words.