So, has your Christmas included that gift of gifts you’ve been dreaming of for years? Did someone just plop a luxury car in your driveway like in those completely realistic commercials? Or did you get a membership in a jelly of the month club, the gift that keeps on giving the whole year?

If it was more of the latter, don’t despair, all you Clark Griswold’s out there. We hope to bring some smiles to your hearts (and perhaps a tear) with our annual Christmas wishes for our Louisiana sports folk.

So, without further adieu, on Dasher! On Prancer! On Donner! On Ensminger! …

… For former LSU Tigers Johnny Robinson, Alan Faneca and Kevin Mawae, a knock on the door. And we don’t mean from the package delivery guy leaving this month’s jelly on the front step. We’re talking about the knock on the door from Pro Football Hall of Fame President David Baker, telling them they’re headed to Canton. Robinson, the veterans’ committee nominee, seems like almost a lock. Faneca has a great chance. Mawae has a strong argument. By the way, we figure former Destrehan great Ed Reed should have the champagne on ice the Saturday before the Super Bowl in Atlanta. He’s as good as in. Best wishes, too, for the family of late, great Saints linebacker Sam Mills.

… For Ed Orgeron, not the car of his dreams in the driveway but the defensive tackle of his dreams: Ishmael Sopsher from Amite, one of the nation’s highest-ranked unsigned prospects. Ed already has a courtesy car.

… For Joe Burrow, a bowl of Coco Orgeron’s oyster dressing. The man from Ohio said he wouldn’t touch the stuff, but we’re pretty darn sure one taste and Coach O’s mom’s recipe would have you hooked. And an honorary Cajun for life.

... For Drew Brees, an MVP award. For the love of Bart Starr, the guy is going to be a first-ballot hall of famer and never win the MVP award once?

… For LSU senior tailback Nick Brossette, a 1,000-yard season to cap off his loyal and patient career. How many yards do you need in the Fiesta Bowl for a thousand, Nick?

“Seventy eight,” he said at a recent interview session. Exactly.

… For Gayle Benson, well, what do you get the billionaire owner who has everything? Oh yes, another Super Bowl trophy. Did you know the Vince Lombardi Trophy was designed by Tiffany? I’ll bet Miss Gayle likes shiny things in Tiffany boxes.

… For LSU gymnastics coach D-D Breaux, that elusive NCAA championship to go with her record-setting career. The 2019 season marks her 42nd as LSU’s coach, breaking the tie with legendary Kentucky basketball coach Adolph Rupp for the longest-tenured coach in Southeastern Conference history.

… For LSU’s Lexie Priessman, one healthy season as she wraps up a gymnastics career marked by nine surgeries. Just one.

… For Les Miles, a tie. Someone always has to get a tie. For Les, a nice red and blue striped one to make a patriotic ensemble with his new white Kansas hat. Here’s wishing the Mad Hatter the very best of luck in his new gig. As bad as Kansas football is, just eight winning seasons in the last 40, he will need plenty of luck to build a “damn strong” football team in Lawrence.

… For Masters champion Patrick Reed, the Ebenezer Scrooge of pro golf, a change of heart that will make him a more likeable champion. That said, it will probably take a visit from the Ghost of Masters past, Clifford Roberts, to soften him up.

… For Will Wade and the basketball Tigers, a trip to the NCAA tournament, and an advance to the second weekend of March Madness, something LSU has only done twice since 1987. The Tigers certainly showed some signs of improvement with Friday’s thumping of previously unbeaten Furman.

… For football, college and pro, new overtime rules. I’ve done the seven overtime thing. Enough. Kick off and play a real timed quarter, or 10 minutes like in the NFL now. Whatever. But both teams get to possess the ball, unlike in the NFL. And if it ends up in a tie, well, send it to Les Miles.

… For Anthony Davis, a Pelicans team around him good enough to make him feel like staying in New Orleans once he turns free agent in 2020. Oh yes, a squadron of elves at the North Pole is putting that team together right now. Hmmm, they’re all made of wood. That’s OK, so are most of Davis’ current teammates.

… For LeBron James, some coal in his Gucci stocking for tampering with Davis talking up how great it would be for The Brow to join the Los Angeles Lakers (the NBA won’t call it tampering, but it’s tampering).

… For Wayde Sims’ parents and family, peace and comfort in this first holiday season without their beloved son.

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