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LSU quarterback Joe Burrow (9) walks past fans as LSU arrives before kickoff against Texas, Saturday, September 7, 2019, at Darrell K. Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, Tx.

The stock has risen on LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, who led the No. 4 Tigers to a 45-38 top 10 victory over then-No. 9 Texas on Saturday night in Austin, Texas.

Burrow is starting to play like a championship quarterback, Ed Orgeron said Monday, and the 6-foot-4, 216-pound senior is now tied for first in passing touchdowns (9), ranks fourth nationally in yards passing (749), and his passer rating (219.11) is second only to Oklahoma's Jalen Hurts (252.31).

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Read the highlights of Burrow's interview on Monday below:

Is life different now that you're a player of the week every week and Heisman candidate in some people's eyes?

Nah, life's not different. Still working hard. Still doing what got me here. It's only Week 2. Not even SEC play yet.

Ed Orgeron said he'll never forget the 3rd-and-17 pass. Where is that filed for you?

That might be one of the best throws I've made. I was pretty proud of myself after that one. I'm not gonna lie.

Could you take us through it?

Yeah, so (the Longhorns) bring zero. So that means they're blitzing one more than we had to block. And they had a spy on me in the middle. So I knew if I bought time, my guys were going to be open. So I was able to buy just enough time for Justin (Jefferson) to get open over the middle.

(Center) Lloyd Cushenberry said he could literally feel you on his back when you made that throw. 'Wait, that got completed?' Did you feel like that was going to get out there like that?

I was hoping it was going to. I saw Justin open. I knew his body language was telling me when he was going to break, so I just jumped and threw it out in front of him and was hoping he was going to go and get it.

As they were saying, the nation's kind of picking up on how good you are, but it's something you've said you've known all this time right?

Yeah, I mean I knew I was good enough to do this. Still, at the end of the day it's Week 2. Not into SEC play yet, so we're still focused on getting better every day.

Is Northwestern State a good opponent to come back against? Or would you rather have another big ranked opponent to go up against?

I mean, at the end of every day, every week's about LSU, and if we execute the way we're supposed to, we're going to put up a lot of points and a lot of yards, throw for a lot of touchdowns and run for a lot of yards. So if we execute the way we need to all throughout practice, it's going to show on Saturday.

Can you even say 'Natchitoches'?

A what?


What's that? (Laughter)

That's where Northwestern State is.

Oh it is? (Laughs) No I don't think I could say... Natchitoches?


There we go.

Can you spell it?

I got nothing for you there.

Can you talk about what it's like when you get hot throwing the ball. The rhythm and the offense starts picking up? Do you feel like a three-point shooter that's gonna be hitting everything?

Yeah, I think you really saw it in the two-minute drill before half. It was three plays. That was the most in rhythm I felt in a long time. And I think we really start to get going when the tempo gets fast, and I think we're starting to see that we're more of a tempo offense than we even thought we were in the beginning.

Seems like you were going to the running backs a lot on first down. You guys have wanted to go to running backs more in the Saints style, the Alvin Kamara style. Do you think that's where the improvements are for this offense? 

Yeah I think just getting the ball out quickly. The backs are a big part of that because they're out of the backfield and the defense has to adjust. They relate to three to a side and they have to figure out where the backs are going to come out. So if I can just get it out to the back and get four yards, it's the same as running the ball four yards on first down. That's a great play.

Early in the game, it looked tough getting people open. Later it seemed like you had your choice of people who were open. What happened?

We started getting the tempo going and they really couldn't get to the blitzes they wanted. They got after us in the first quarter with their blitzes, I'm not gonna lie. We had trouble figuring out where they were coming from. Then we started picking up the tempo and they had to start showing it and we started getting them picked up. 

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