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LSU quarterback Joe Burrow (9) throws a pass during practice, Thursday, August 15, 2019, on LSU's campus in Baton Rouge, La.

After more than half a year of installation and development, LSU will debut its new offense Saturday night against Georgia Southern.

Quarterback Joe Burrow expressed excitement for the run-pass option, spread scheme during his interview session on Monday, six days before the Tigers' first game.

Read the highlights of Burrow's interview below.

On the quiet, arrest-free preseason...

It speaks to the character and discipline of the team. Whenever you don't have any issues going into the season, usually teams like that have a pretty good year. Teams with no disciplinary issues, no arrests, usually those are teams that are most disciplined on game day and win the game.

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Improvement from receivers and focus on eliminating drops...

They've gotten so much better. Whenever you have young guys like we did last year, there's going to be drops. We had new guys all over the field. That was a point of emphasis for us this offseason.

On tight end Thaddeus Moss...

I'm really excited about the year he's going to have. He has worked really hard all offseason and earned that starting spot. Him and Stephen (Sullivan) are going to have big years for us.

How would you compare what you saw from Moss as a blocker last year to now?

I really didn't see him at all until this year. ... He was a lot better of a blocker than I thought he would be. He's not afraid to throw his nose in that line and into a defensive end and block him down inside.

How would you describe Moss as a receiver?

We have great chemistry, great timing together. That's just from working the last two years. I know when he's going break his routes off. He knows where I expect him. After a route, he'll come and ask me, 'Hey, what'd you think?' If I missed, I'll say, 'Hey, what did you think about this? How do you see this?' So, we have great communication.

Avoiding rust in the first game...

I sure hope so. That's always the goal going into the first game. No turnovers. No mesh problems. No false starts. Those are always problems with the first game. No time management issues. Those have been a big emphasis for us the last couple weeks.

How important is that when you're implementing a new offense, just for confidence?

Very important. Coach O has done a great job of making sure we understand the time management part, understanding our assignments on each and every play. We had our least amount of missed assignments in our preseason game on Saturday. We're hoping to limit those this Saturday as well.

On the development of sophomore wide receiver Terrace Marshall...

As a true freshman, he would come off the field and we would talk a little bit. This year, he's not afraid to come back and tell me what he saw or tell me what he thinks I should do with the ball. We'll have a discussion. That's always great when you have those kinds of discussions with your receivers.

How anxious are you to unveil this new offense?

I'm excited. I think we're going to be really explosive. I think the old narrative is going to go away that you guys like writing about. *laughs* I think it's going to be really good for us.

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