Patrick Peterson

Former LSU All-American cornerback Patrick Peterson watches action Sept. 1 during the Arizona Cardinals' last preseason game with the Denver Broncos.

While former LSU players like SEC Network analyst Marcus Spears have called for a coaching change for their program, Patrick Peterson has voiced his support of again embattled coach Les Miles.

Peterson, the former LSU All-American cornerback/kick returner now a star with the Arizona Cardinals said he still believes Miles is “the guy for the job.”

“It’s always tough to be head coach at a supreme institution like LSU,” Peterson said in a phone interview Thursday. “They always expect excellence. Coach Miles has done that in the past, won a national championship and conference championships. That’s what they (fans) are used to seeing.

“When you don’t see that, people think it’s time for a change. But I think coach Miles is the best man for the job. He continues to bring in great talent year in and year out.”

That said, Peterson added he thinks the Tigers, coming off a 16-14 season-opening upset loss to Wisconsin, cany play smarter.

“It’s like the Cardinals,” he said. “We can all be smarter than the way we’re playing.”

Peterson called the Wisconsin loss a “small mishap.”

“Coach Miles,” he said, “always seems to prevail.”

Peterson and Arizona teammate Tyrann Mathieu, the former LSU All-American safety, recently donated school supplies and clothing to some 700 Baton Rouge school-age students impacted by the August floods that ravaged the area.

As for Colin Kaepernick’s decision not to stand for the national anthem to protest the treatment of black people in America, Peterson said he would not participate but acknowledged the San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s right to free speech.

“Every player has their right to stand for what they believe,” Peterson said. “A lot of his message was taken out of context. He’s not trying to bash our country.

“Me personally, I hope our team stands for the national anthem. I have friends and family who have served in the military.”

The fifth overall draft pick by Arizona in 2011, Peterson is just the fourth player in NFL history to be named a five-time Pro Bowl selection before his 26th birthday. He has 17 interceptions, third-most in the NFL since he joined the league.

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