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Ohio State quarterback Joe Burrow plays against Rutgers during a game on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio.

Welcome to Louisiana, Joe Burrow.

I hope you like seeing your name Cajunized — Jeaux Burreaux. Trust me, it sounds the same as it does in Ohio.

I hope you are an adventurous eater. We like to chow down on things that crawl, swim and slither, but you will taste things you have never tasted in your life that taste better than anything you have ever had in your life.

And I hope you like pressure. Did you happen to part the waters of any lakes or rivers on your way down from Ohio State?

LSU football is not just looking for a starting quarterback after the last transfer, Danny Etling, squeezed the last drop of eligibility from his college career New Year’s Day in the Citrus Bowl. It is looking for a savior, to not only deliver the Tigers back to somewhere in the vicinity of college football’s mountaintop, but keep LSU from sliding into mediocrity.

You are going to be expected to calm the waters of an unsettled scene, made more so since no definite leader emerged among the Tigers’ three current quarterbacks after spring practice.

The hope, at least on the surface of it, is that you will be able to bolster LSU’s depth issues at quarterback. Did you know LSU did not sign a quarterback this offseason? Everyone here does. Your position is always crucial, but here the quarterback spot has reached critical mass as LSU tries (we think) to modernize its offense under Steve Ensminger.

Of course, your arrival is likely to make one of the incumbents — Myles Brennan, Lowell Narcisse or Justin McMillan — decide to transfer out. Maybe two of them. That would negate any potential benefit of your arrival depth-wise, or even make it worse.

That is not your problem. Your quest is to find a place to show your stuff after losing a duel for the Buckeyes’ starting job with Dwayne Haskins. A broken thumb put you behind in the fall and you were never able to get past him. It happens.

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But, we are compelled to point out, you only threw 39 passes in two years at Ohio State. You have some plaudits and prototypical tools — four-star prospect out of high school, 6-foot-3, 215 pounds — but you also are going to be working from behind here, too. Whichever LSU quarterbacks remain to battle you for the starting job were all here last season and in the spring. That is an edge for them, especially Brennan and Narcisse, who were as comparably lauded coming out of high school as you were.

No offense, but it would be a pleasant change of pace to see LSU identify and cultivate a starting quarterback from his freshman year on up. The last one to do that was Jordan Jefferson (2008-11), with several spells in there from Jarrett Lee. The last one to do that who everyone could get behind and say by consensus was an excellent starting quarterback was Matt Flynn, who patiently waited his turn behind JaMarcus Russell before leading LSU to the BCS national championship in 2007.

But that is not your problem. Your problem is someone may expect you to be Flynn. Or Zach Mettenberger, who threw for more than 5,600 yards in 2012-13 after transferring in from a junior college following his banishment from Georgia.

Or Joe Montana.

Hey, maybe you will come here and have a great career, lead LSU to a lot of wins. Maybe even a championship. The defense won’t be shabby at all, and you will have some nice targets to pass to.

So good luck, Joe Burrow. Great name for a quarterback, by the way.

As long as no one expects you to be Joe Montana right out of the gate.

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