“The team health has returned,” coach Les Miles said Wednesday. “I don’t think we’ll miss a guy.”

That means left tackle Chris Faulk, who was sidelined after injuring an ankle on the first offensive series at Mississippi State last week, and punter Brad Wing, who has missed the last two games because of an injury to his kicking leg, are expected to play at No. 16 West Virginia on Saturday night.

Miles said Faulk and Wing have both practiced the past two days.

Greg Shaw stepped in for Faulk, D.J. Howard punted in Wing’s absence, and Seth Fruge handled Wing’s holder duties.

Team unaffected

Miles said he was aware that an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury began considering the second-degree battery case against suspended quarterback Jordan Jefferson and suspended linebacker Josh Johns on Wednesday.

But the ongoing saga stemming from a fight outside a bar last month didn’t disrupt the team’s preparations.

“I obviously knew that that was happening today, but there was not anybody that missed practice,” Miles said. “I don’t think anybody was informing us as to what was going on in the grand jury. It was certainly an important piece of the day, but nothing that affected our day to day.”

Miles wouldn’t discuss how the players’ status might change depending on the outcome of the grand jury proceedings.

“I don’t want to speculate about any of that stuff until I know more, and I want you to know that I am just as wanting of information as anybody,” he said.

“Certainly action and consideration will take place after we understand the resolution.”

Miles, added, “I’d kind of like to see how this thing finishes quickly.”

No need for an APB

Miles said he expects LSU’s kickoffs to get better from within, though he wouldn’t turn away viable help from the student body at-large.

The Tigers’ kickoffs have been relatively short during the first three games, leading Miles to say this: “If there is a great kicker within the sound of my voice that goes to school at LSU and has the ability to kick the ball from a college tee and a college landmark into the end zone with great hang time, I would love for them to come to football operations and take shots at it.”

Quickly, though, he added, “we have some pretty good guys so I don’t think it’s necessary at this time for an all-points bulletin to be put out for a kicker.”

On Wednesday, Miles said he liked what he has seen from freshman James Hairston in practice and that Drew Alleman’s injured kicking leg is getting stronger.

Tigers in Times Square

Visitors to Times Square last week looked up to the famous Reuters sign and saw it read: “TIGER STADIUM IS MORE THAN JUST A STADIUM… IT’S A GUMBO OF LOUISIANA HUMANITY.”

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