So, what does one write about an LSU-Tennessee matchup where everybody expects a one-sided win for the Tigers while eagerly anticipating a game still a good three weeks away?

How about Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray, ESPN’s mid-season all-SEC pick?

No, he’s hurt. Won’t play.

All I have to say about Bray -- the second straight starting quarterback to go down the week before a game against LSU -- is this: Auburn may want to leave an extra blocker back when Barrett Trotter drops back to pass against Florida Saturday (AU comes to Baton Rouge next weekend).

So enough on injured quarterbacks.

So how about trap games? Isn’t this a trap game for LSU?

Kentucky and Northwestern State will testify that LSU isn’t likely to fall into one of those this year.

It’s been a covered subject in this column before. That’s one characteristic of this team through half the season that is particularly encouraging In games where they’ve been clearly the better team and just needed to just take care of business, they’ve taken care of business.

Don’t get me wrong, even with Bray and his best receiver (Justin Hunter) out with injuries and with a non-existent running game (last in the SEC), the Vols are still probably considerably better than Kentucky and Northwestern State. But it’s hard to imagine a scenario, short of an LSU collapse nobody sees coming, where the Tigers get upset here.

So what to write, what to write...

Well, how about this: It’s a Twitter picture that emerged on the blog Kegs ‘n Eggs, showing the Nick Saban statue outside of Bryant-Denny stadium equipped with a purple LSU cape.

The game’s still three weeks away, but the fun has begun.

And that’s the best part of college football, the only thing I’d miss if its otherwise silly post-season format went away. These regular season games that are like playoff games. They come with weeks of anticipation like bowl games. In the case of the LSU-Alabama game, which isn’t until Nov. 5, it also comes with a Superbowl-like mutual week off before the game.

The Alabama game is a built for (daytime) TV event.

Never mind both teams still have Tennessee between now and then. Never mind LSU has Auburn, last year’s national champ, next week. Alabama might not want to completely ignore Ole Miss next week either.

But for some, the build up to the Tussle in Tuscaloosa has already begun.

First it’s a cape on a statue then maybe a Houndstooth hat on a tiger somewhere. And then, we’re off.

Eventually, we’ll get to that last week of November when both LSU and Alabama are off and, in the Baton Rouge and Tuscaloosa markets at least, the coverage will get to the point where even the hard-core fans are tired of it by kickoff.

And if there was a purple cape on Nick Saban the week of the Tennessee game, imagine what a week off will do for the tit-for-tat.

It’s going to be something else.

All I know is this:

Just leave my trees out of it.