Ed Orgeron and Tom Herman

LSU's Ed Orgeron and Texas' Tom Herman

Where do you come down on the great “AC Gate” debate from last Saturday’s LSU-Texas game?

Whether you believe the Tigers or the Longhorns, there is one thing I think we can all agree upon:

This has been one silly subject from beginning to end. If there was an end.

To recap with a huge sigh of exhaustion, LSU coach Ed Orgeron said he called someone from Louisiana Tech (which played at Texas in week one) and he said he was told it was hot in Texas’ visiting locker room. He said LSU brought blowers in to try to cool things down.

Texas countered with some really detailed forensic evidence — graphs and charts and infrared satellite images of heat plumes, that sort of thing — that “proved” it was 68 degrees in the locker room before LSU arrived and 74 after the Tigers left, their 45-38 victory in hand.

My first question is, “Who cares?” My second question is, “Who’s fibbing?”

Texas’ assertion that it’s Orgeron who is making up stuff is plausible. It felt like LSU defensive players spent more time in the second half on the field with cramps than they did standing upright. The fact Texas ran 51 offensive plays over the final 30 minutes left the Tigers gassed. And you could say a hot locker room was an excuse for LSU players not being properly hydrated.

On the other hand, it’s easy to believe that the visitors’ locker room at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium isn’t the Buckingham Palace it’s been made out to be by Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte.

First, most visitors’ locker rooms are armpits — why should Texas be the one school that has visitors’ digs worthy of five stars on TripAdvisor.com? Second, other parts of DKR-TMS aren’t that great.

I never bring up the quality of press boxes because:

1. Most readers don’t care

2. The rest of you wish we were covering the game outside the stadium from port-a-potties.

But in this case, a word on the press box is relevant. Texas’ press box would be one of the worst media facilities if it was in the SEC. It’s cramped to the point that they serve the pregame meal in an equally cramped classroom within the stadium (complete with school desks). And the visitors’ postgame interview room was too small and definitely hot enough to make you believe the locker room was just as stuffy.

Considering LSU and Texas had only played twice in the past 65 years, this game was surprisingly chippy. From AC Gate to the LSU band being airlifted into a corner of the upper deck to all that pregame nonsense with LSU players drinking from water bottles on the Texas sideline to LSU fans getting hold of the phone numbers of Texas coaches and gaslighting them.

Maybe by the time Texas visits Tiger Stadium in September 2020 all this folderol will have died down.

But maybe it won’t. And isn’t that in the end what makes college football fun?

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