SEC Media Days Football

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow speaks during the NCAA college football Southeastern Conference Media Days, Monday, July 15, 2019, in Hoover, Ala. (AP Photo/Butch Dill) ORG XMIT: ALBD131

LSU's quarterback Joe Burrow answered plenty of questions at SEC media days Monday about how he's been spending his time this offseason and where his mind is ahead of the season.

In addition to the typical questions about plays and coach Ed Orgeron, Burrow also touched on what TV shows he's been watching, what he did during Hurricane Barry and the difference between food in Ohio and Louisiana.

When asked about the differences between Ohio State and LSU, Burrow initially mentioned how fans are "very crazy" in both big college towns before going on a tangent about the food.

"Louisiana (food) is better than Ohio food," Burrow said. "But so here's the thing about Louisiana food. They don't know how to make a lot of things. They do one thing really really well. In Ohio there's a lot of fairly decent things. So that's the main difference on the food. I'm not sure if you were asking about the food, but I kind of just went off on a tangent there. Yeah, big time college football both places."

Burrow mentioned that he will have a full graduate level load of classes this semester, which consists of three online courses. Aside from that?

"The rest of the time is really at the facility, eating or sleeping," Burrow said. "That's just about all I do to be honest."

This summer, though, Burrow found himself binge watching the new third season of 'Stranger Things.' When Hurricane Barry knocked out his internet over the weekend, he watched videos about physics on his phone.

"So I watched a lot of videos about relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, wormholes, white holes, electrons, neutrons, neutron stars, so all that good stuff," Burrow said.

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Of course Burrow addressed the Tigers' big upcoming season too.

Armed with a veteran team, the Tigers are expected to compete with Alabama for the Southeastern Conference Western Division title. Burrow was adamant that the 58-year-old Orgeron has more than enough football chops to push LSU into the nation's elite.

His message: Underestimate the man often called 'Coach O' at your own risk.

"Coach O is a player's coach. Coach O is a lot smarter than people think," Burrow said. "Coach O knows football. Coach O not only knows defensive football, but he knows offensive football as well.

"That's what makes Coach O such a good coach — he's so well rounded."

Burrow says he's passionate about Orgeron's ability because their careers are somewhat connected after he transferred from Ohio State. The quarterback was out to show he could be a quality starter. The coach was out to show he could get off the coaching hot seat and lead a successful SEC program.

Safe to say, it's worked out to this point.

"I think we both kind of proved a lot of people wrong at the same time," Burrow said. "A quarterback and a coach are always going to have a special bond for sure."

Burrow threw for 2,894 yards, 16 touchdowns and five interceptions last season and is among 16 starters returning this fall. The Tigers are also bringing back their five top receivers and six of the top seven top tacklers on defense.