Devin White

Devin White hoists the Dick Butkus Award as he stands next to Matt Butkus and in front of his teammates.

It looked like just another Tuesday afternoon LSU football meeting with Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda standing and talking to some of the the players.

"Devin White is up for the Butkus Award and I'm proud of him. I'm proud of how Devin handles the day to day," Aranda said to the players in a video.

Suddenly from off the camera, Aranda is interrupted.

"Hey, did you say he was up for it? Or he won it?" said Matt Butkus, son of Dick Butkus, as he hoisted the award trophy over his head.

The Dick Butkus award is annually given to the top linebacker in college football. White is the first LSU Tiger to claim the honor.

"I'm holding back tears right now," White said as he stood in front of his teammates and claimed the trophy.

See the full video below.