First quarter

LSU: Drew Alleman 21 field goal at 5:42. DRIVE: 16-77-7:28. KEY PLAYS: Spencer Ware twice gains 2 yards on third-and-2 to keep the drive going. On third-and-goal from the 4, Jarrett Lee throws an incomplete pass to Deangelo Peterson, leading to the field goal. LSU 3, MSU 0.

MSU: Derek DePasquale 26 field goal at :04. DRIVE: 14-57-5:42. KEY PLAYS: 5 penalty for offsides on Karnell Hatcher on third-and-4 enables State to convert the first of three consecutive third downs. On third-and-15, 19 pass Marcus Green from Chris Relf and on third-and-3, 14 run Relf. But on third-and-goal from the 7, a minus-2 run by Relf leads to the field goal. LSU 3, MSU 3.

Second quarter

LSU: Alleman 42 field goal at 1: 18. DRIVE: 10-70-4:35. KEY PLAYS: Lee gets the Tigers out of a hole at their 5 by beginning the possession with a 31 pass to Rueben Randle. On third-and-2, 9 pass Randle from Lee. On third-and 4 at the State 25, Lee throws incomplete for Ware. LSU 6, MSU 3.

Third quarter

MSU: DePasquale 42 field goal at 5:26. DRIVE: 7-25-2:54. KEY PLAYS: On third-and-10, 11 pass Arceto Clark from Relf and LSU’s Bennie Logan 15 penalty for roughing the passer to the Tigers’ 24. LSU 6, MSU 6.

LSU: Alleman 41 field goal at 1:46. DRIVE: 9-49-5:20. KEY PLAYS: 15 penalty for personal foul penalty on State’s Wade Bonner starts the drive and a dropped pass by Rueben Randle on third down at the State 24 leads to the field goal. LSU 9, MSU 6.

Fourth quarter

LSU: Randle 19 pass from Lee (Alleman kick) at 11:56. DRIVE: 7-80-3:04. KEY PLAY: Randle 24 pass from Lee to start the drive. LSU 16, MSU 6.

LSU: Alleman 29 field goal at 2:53. DRIVE: 4-7-2:09. Key play: Morris Claiborne’s interception sets up LSU in scoring range at the 19. LSU 19, MSU 6.


RECORDS: LSU 3-0, 1-0 SEC. MSU 1-2, 0-2 SEC.


- Les East