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As LSU punter Zach Von Rosenberg (38) watches, left, LSU nose tackle Tyler Shelvin (72) carries LSU quarterback Joe Burrow (9) off the field after the second half of LSU's football game against Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday Nov. 9, 2019, in Tuscaloosa, Ala. LSU won 46-41.

Current Heisman Trophy favorite Joe Burrow held his weekly post-practice media session Monday after No. 1 LSU began practice following their big win against Alabama.

Burrow talked about returning to Louisiana, the team's performance against Alabama and plans for the next game against Ole Miss.

Here’s a complete transcript of his nine-minute interview session:

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What was that moment like for you when you get off the team plane to see all those LSU fans there, cheering you guys on?

I didn't really realize how much this meant to Louisiana. It was pretty special. I was very surprised to see it, and I just wanted to do anything I could to embrace those people that came out.

Is that when you tweeted, 'I love you Louisiana?'

Yeah. That was awesome, I was excited to see all those people. It's hard to take a step back and reflect on it. You can't do it during the season, but I'm starting to realize how much that game meant to people.

What does it mean for you to play well, or have the people around you play well? Does this reaffirm that you're doing it right?

We knew we were really good offense, and they were really good defense, too. We left some stuff out there on the field, just like every week. We could have scored 60 if we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. It's always great to come out with a win, and there's a lot more ahead of us too.

Do you think this is a great moment in time for [Thad Moss], or do you think it will have an effect on the way offense sees him and how opposing defenses prepare for him?

You got to cover Thad. People have known that all year. He makes catches like that in practice, so just know the catch for Thad. Maybe it runs in the family, I don't know. I expected him to make that catch, that's why I threw him the ball. If we get one-on-one with Thad, we're going to throw him the ball.

How do you think Lloyd and the rest of the team responded to what had happened last year to this game?

Like I've said before, they're the most improved group I've ever been around. I think this game really showed that. Alabama dominated both sides of the football last year, and I feel like we did this year. And that's a testament to the hard work that Austin [Deculus], Lloyd [Cushenberry III], Saahdiq [Charles], Ed [Ingram] all put on defense. I'm just so proud of all those guys.

What did you emphasize over the two weeks leading up to Alabama to get in the higher scoring range?

We just keep doing what we do. We know that if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot, have penalties and turnovers and convert on third and shorts then nobody can really stop us. We can make lives difficult for a lot of defenses by putting different people in different spots. So we are just going to keep doing what we do. 

The drop, fake throw-- is that something you've been sitting on? Should we expect more of it?

We've run that play a lot this year. That's just the first look that we got that we could throw it. So the safety came up, and we hit it right behind. We've run it quite a few times.

Coach O said that one of the greatest performances he's seen from a running back in 35 years of coaching. In your perspective, where does Clyde's performance against Alabama rank?

Clyde is so important to our team. He can catch the ball in the back field. He makes it difficult to play man-to-man because then you have a linebacker matched up on him, and no linebacker in the country can cover Clyde. You got to pick your poison-- you're going to plan man-to-man and try to defend the pass, we'll match him up on a linebacker. Or you'll play zone and we'll dink-and-dunk y'all all the way down the field and then run it in. He really just enables us to be really versatile on offense.

In a game like that, how long are you amped up?

I wasn't as amped up as I thought I was going to be. In the locker room, we felt like we should have won the game. We felt like we were the better team. We felt like that's what we were supposed to do. Just another game for us. 9-0 feels good, but we are onto the next one now.

When player rankings come out, do you enjoy them?

You pay attention to it, you see the standings, but we still got three games left, still got the SEC championship, still have five games left in the year hopefully (Burrow later corrected himself later to say six games). So it doesn't mean anything in week 10.

What do you see in Ole Miss?

They're pretty athletic. They're pretty good upfront. Their secondary is very athletic, very fast. I know they've got some great athletes on offense. So we're just going to have to not get complacent this week and practice. Keep battling through our injuries, be tough and have a good week of practice.

Any idea who the last three games will be against?

We'll find out.

Does the team need a different message [after Alabama]? Or are you guys on the maturity to deal with a lot of different situations?

The message last week was, 'It's still all about LSU,' and that's how it is every week. We didn't go into last game thinking, 'this is our Super Bowl.' It was just another game where if we played as well as we could play then we'll win the game. We feel like that's the case every week.

You said you went into the locker room knowing that you were going to win. What changed the locker room from last year to this year to bring that kind of mindset to this match-up?

We knew we had an offense that could score on anyone in the country. When you have the guys we have on offense, the points we've been putting up, the schemes we have, the coaches we have, I think you go into every game thinking that you're going to win the game.

Joe Brady's getting a lot of talk about moving on, contracts, money, etc. What's your interaction with him, and has it helped to have someone very relatable to you in age?

Coach Joe has brought a lot of good things in, but Coach E and Coach O molded this thing together. People forget about Coach E all the time, but he's been as important to this as anybody. He's done a great job of listening to Coach O's ideas, listening to my ideas and merging them with his own to build this monster that we've built.

Is it the three of you? Do you guys meet every day and go over stuff?

Not every day. They're the coaches, they do their things. I come in with ideas on Monday of what I think the game plan could be and they have their own. They can listen to me or not listen to me, but I always like to come in prepared on Mondays or Tuesdays in case they want to throw them in the game plan.

Can you preview the Ole Miss game for us a little bit? What do you make of their defense, or who stands out to you?

They've been successful on defense this year. They've given us some points on some games and they've had some games that have been very effective, so we know we're going to get their best shot. We've got to prepare like they're going to play as well as they can.

This is when people start really talking good about you. Guy start thinking, 'what's best for me?' Is it important to you to focus in on finishing the season rather than focusing on awards or future professions?

I think we have a really mature team that understands the magnitude of the moment and understands where we can go as a team. We have team guys all over this program, and they know what we can do and they know what's ahead of us. I don't think anybody's looking forward to that.

Does Sweet Home Alabama sound any different to you after that win on Saturday?

That place got a little rowdy when they played it. I think that environment was really cool to play in. I want to say some good things about that environment, those fans and that team. They were a really good team and really good fans. That made it tough for us.

The Coach O redemptive story-- do the guys on the team recognize it?

I think that's kind of a theme across our team. Lloyd being the last guy signed in the class, me transferring, Thad transferring, Clyde being too short, Justin: two-star. We have guys like that all over the field who were overlooked because they weren't good enough. I think that brings a toughness and mentality to the team that is a big reason why we've been successful.