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LSU opened its newly renovated weight room on Friday August 5, 2016. Tommy Moffitt, Assistant AD/Strength and Conditioning, talks about the new facility.

Sending a fax to LSU confirming your commitment to play for the Tigers? Congratulations.

You'll soon be receiving a packet soon from strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt, who's ready to put you to work.

The packet will contain the workout program Moffitt expects signees to begin immediately "if they expect to contribute to our team," he says.

Moffitt discussed off-season training Tuesday morning on the Culotta & The Fan show on 104.5/104.9 ESPN-FM in Baton Rouge. See the highlights below:


On preparing players for a new season:

"We have to start the process over, because there are always a bunch of injuries that are left over from the season. So we really start from scratch. We spend a lot of time diagnosing all the little bitty injuries. I'm not saying serious injuries, but the nicks and bruises that you kind of overlook in-season.

"We look at why some of them might have occurred, and what we can to do to correct them. And we start building from that point on."

On the current class of early enrollees:

"This is a really good group. We teach them basic technique, really look at the fundamental lifting technique. But, you know, one of the reasons these guys are early enrollees is because they were hard workers when they were in school. They're good workers ... I look forward to working with them."

On players who will be committing to LSU on National Signing Day:

"The moment that we get their fax, we're going to slip a letter and a workout manual and a DVD into a packet. We will Fed-Ex that packet to those young men. It's our basic program. It's a three-day program. The goal is to try to develop some exercise technique and a base of fitness.

"I will call them for a couple of weeks myself. Then I'll pass the notebook to the rest of the staff members... We try to get to know them, what kind of guys they are."

On expectations for incoming players:

"If they expect to contribute to our team, they have to do that program. Because if they do not, when they turn up here in June, they're going to be behind. It's not cool; it's hot. And they're going to worry about surviving every day instead of getting better."

"Every summer, we sign some guy that doesn't do what he's supposed to do. He shows up here in June, and it's downhill from that point on. ... We can't wait for those guys. It's their responsibility as an LSU Tiger."

On the current mindset of veteran players:

"This football team is highly motivated. There's a new culture on this team... Guys coming in on their off days. Guys coming in on the weekends. Guys coming in in the afternoons after we're finished."

"We've got a lot of good, young leaders. There's a lot of excitement on the team, a lot of energy on the team. And I think it's going to be a great off-season."