Last May, Kelly Orgeron -- the wife of LSU football coach Ed Orgeron -- underwent two planned 10-hour back surgeries in California. 

It was a third, unplanned emergency surgery that saved her life.

A team of Los Angeles neurosurgeons inserted rods and screws into Kelly's lumbar spine and hips to help her deal with scoliosis, according a story first told by Sports Illustrated. But there was a complication in the first surgery: one of the surgeons nicked her colon, a mistake that wasn’t realized until Orgeron’s stomach began to swell several days later.

She was rushed into emergency surgery and woke up to realize that the doctors had performed a colostomy

"I was getting septic ... they prepared Ed that I probably wouldn't make it for that surgery. And I overheard the surgeon saying that to Ed in those terms, and I remember looking at Ed just shaking my finger like, 'Don't listen. I'm gonna be back,'" Kelly recalled in an interview on "Off the Bench" on 104.5 FM ESPN in Baton Rouge on Tuesday.

The Sports Illustrated report was the first widely publicized story detailing the first lady of LSU football's near-death experience. Below is an excerpt from the full ESPN interview.

On her medical emergency last May...

It was something that was going to be an extensive procedure that we had planned six months to a year, the surgeons in Los Angeles, gathering the team together ... on the very first surgery there was a little issue, a nick on my colon took place on the first incision, which we really didn't know it at the time. I had my first 10-hour surgery on that Tuesday, and Wednesday they let me rest. On Thursday there was the second 10-hour surgery, and I knew then that something was wrong. I didn't feel right inside. To make a long story short, six days later they did rush me to emergency surgery. I was getting septic ... they prepared Ed that I probably wouldn't make it for that surgery. And I overheard the surgeon saying that to Ed in those terms, and I remember looking at Ed just shaking my finger like, 'Don't listen. I'm gonna be back.' Little did I know when I woke up from that surgery another -- another seven-hour surgery -- I woke up with a colostomy. And, guys, the only word that comes to my mind when I say that word is horrific. Life-changing. I was devastated, crying, and I heard Ed from coming somewhere down the hall just screaming. He made his way to me -- and of course he's excited I lived -- I was so devastated I told him, 'Ed, you don't know what happened.' And he said, 'Yes, I do, Kelly, and it's going to be fine. We're going to work through this.' And at that moment I made a comment to him, which at that moment I meant, I said, 'Ed, I wish they would not have woken me up from this surgery,' which is powerful words, and that is not me by nature, and of course I've asked forgiveness for that. When I said those few words, Ed screamed a scream that I will never forget and just kind of threw himself on me and said, 'Kelly, don't ever, ever say that. Me and these boys cannot do life without you.' And that moment was like, 'Woo.'

On what led her to say she wished she had never woken up, whether it was what she was now facing or the pain she was in...

All of the above and waking up never dreaming I'm going in for an emergency surgery, they're going to figure it out, and they're going to give me antibiotics and an IV, and everything's going to be good. I'm going to wake up from that, and heal and do a little rehab, and life is going to be grand. Well, it took a different turn. So we dealt with it. Of course we were devastated. It took a little while to process it just ourselves. And being a very private person that I am, I had to ask Ed to please, please don't tell the boys. They will not understand this ... It was a horrific experience that we made it through and I can tell you there is no way you can make it through something like that without a supportive spouse, family and faith in God. Period.

On what her husband, Ed, was like during this time, also preparing for his first full season as LSU's football coach...

He was my total rock. I couldn't have gone through that process without Ed. I am a very independent person by nature. You can imagine when something like that happens, that will break you. So Ed and the boys were my total support system. But I can tell you he wasn't that coach like he was on the field. He was there with me every single step of the way. His tone of voice was just a little bit softer.

On her current health...

Today I'm great. I'm adapting to the changes because I'm fused from the top of my neck to the tailbone. Just learning to do the simple things that you take for granted, like bending over to tie your shoe. I have to adapt to those things now. But trust me, going through an ordeal like that, like is good today.