Marcus Spears, Booger McFarland among local stars of SEC Network _lowres

Booger McFarland is on a quick rise in the TV world.

SEC Network analyst Anthony "Booger" McFarland, a former LSU defensive tackle, on Wednesday talked about LSU's quarterback competition, how the defense is progressing under Dave Aranda’s new 3-4 scheme and what Les Miles owes Tigers fans.

He spoke to Culotta & The Prince on 104.5/104.9 ESPN-FM in Baton Rouge.

Listen to the full interview here.

Some highlights:

On whether Les Miles will start Danny Etling on Saturday against Mississippi State:

"If he doesn't, I think I'm gonna quit on him. I'm just going to be honest with you.

"If Les doesn't do it, not only will I rip him a new one. I think every national media pundit will rip him a new one.

On LSU's prospects with Etling at quarterback:

"Think about it this way, we don't know what Danny Etling can do yet. We just know Danny Etling is better than Brandon Harris. I'm not saying Danny Etling is the savior.

"LSU got into the habit the last couple of years where they would run, run, run, run, run. Then they'd be forced to throw.

"You can still have a dynamic running game, but you have to let people know you can throw the ball, which is what Danny Etling does."

On Brandon Harris' performances against Wisconsin and Jacksonville State:

"In the first couple of series against Jacksonville State, I saw 21 guys looking around like, 'Is this the best you can do?' It's hard to play football when you know the guy touching the ball every play isn't good enough ... isn't getting the job done.

"LSU would be undefeated if Les Miles had pulled Harris during the Wisconsin game."

"I know Brandon, full disclosure. I've talked to Brandon; I've encouraged Brandon. But the bottom line, Brandon hadn't gotten the job done. If you're a fan, the name of football is "play the best guy.

"Let's move on."

On LSU's defense:

"I see a defense that's a little tentative, and that's to be expected (after switching to a new scheme with different responsibilities).

"I expect this defense to get better and better and better. And by the last five or six games of the season this defense should be humming.

"The pass rush needs to get a little better and the communication of responsibilities needs to get a little better. It's been pretty good, but not where it needs to be."

On next LSU opponent Mississippi State:

"Mississippi State's front four is going to bring it. And if LSU's offensive line isn't ready, they're going to get embarrassed. This is the first time LSU will face a defensive line that is what I would call SEC caliber."

On Harris' tweet:

"I heard some rumors about Brandon Harris may transfer. He put out a tweet or something. You know what? If you want to leave, don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you. Because in life, it's about competition. It's about competing. Nothing in life is going to be given to you.

"I hope Brandon Harris goes back and works at his craft. It was clear to me, as well as every pundit in the country, Brandon Harris in Game 1, against Wisconsin, wasn't ready."

On Les Miles:

"I think is says a lot about Les that he was so loyal (to Brandon Harris). I think that's one of the reasons that people love Les so much, is because Les is very loyal.

"But at some point, you have to be loyal to the fan base. You have to be loyal to the university that's paying you ... Because at some point you gotta win.

"Eight wins is not good enough. Eight wins in Baton Rouge, the talent in that state, is not good enough. You have to play the people that give you the best opportunity to get to 10-11 wins. Because that's where LSU should be."