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LSU quarterback Joe Burrow (9) at fall practice, Wednesday, August 7, 2019, at LSU's practice facility in Baton Rouge, La.

After practice on Tuesday, Joe Burrow threw on a black hoodie and settled into a chair for his second interview of the preseason.

Though Burrow missed LSU's first preseason scrimmage, he threw for 160 yards and two touchdowns last Saturday.

Burrow discussed what to expect from LSU's new offensive scheme, his trust in the Tigers' wide receivers and more.

How ready are you to play a game?

Burrow: Oh I'm ready to go. I wasn't ready at the beginning of camp, but I think we've had a really good camp. How many games are this weekend? One? It's going to be tough to watch that from the living room. I'm ready to go.

How much did the passing game click in the second scrimmage?

We're not quite where we need to be yet, but we have another week. Today was an OK day, but we've had a really good camp. We got better every day.

You guys aren't scrimmaging in pads on Saturday, so what's the focus for the last week of camp?

Game plan for Georgia Southern. That's the only reason I say we're not quite ready because we don't have the game plan fully in yet. We don't have our scouting report and all that. I'm ready to get going on that game plan so we can get this thing started.

Is there a difference in the offensive line this camp?

They're one of the most improved units I've ever been around. Those guys busted their tail all offseason. I'm so proud of them. We have six or seven guys who worked so hard this summer. They've gotten so much better. I'm really proud of them.

You targeted Justin Jefferson twice as much as any other receiver last year. What caused that?

He was our best receiver last year, quite honestly. The offense was tailored around getting him the ball a lot of the times. This year, we're going to be spreading the ball out a little more.

How much is that also gaining more trust with the other guys?

Absolutely. As good as Terrace (Marshall) and Ja'Marr (Chase) were last year, they were still freshmen. The took awhile to grow, and you could see at the end of the year they emerged as guys that could be the No. 1 guy. I think we have four or five No. 1 guys on our team this year.

With the wide receivers reading coverages, how much has it changed communication between you and them?

It's really changed. After every period, we come back and we talk about, 'Hey, Justin. What did you see? Ja'Marr, what did you see on this play against this coverage? What leverage is he playing?' That's really critical, the communication we have on the sideline.

The receivers said you're vocal about things you like and things you want from them. What're some of those things?

It depends on the play, depends on the coverage. I don't have a straight answer on that one. Every play, I expect the guys to be at a certain spot at a certain time against a certain coverage. They're not just out there running a hook. That's not how our offense is built. You have to read the coverage, know your depth and know the leverage of the defense.

Toward the end of the year, y'all got a lot more explosive plays downfield. Is that opened up in this new offense?

I think so. We're going to be getting the ball out of our hands fast. Then, when the defense sucks up, we're going to take shots over the top. That's going to open up the run game. So, I think we're a multi-dimensional offense.

Are you aware how much anxiety it created when you missed that first scrimmage?

*laughs* Yeah. Nothing serious. I'm fine.

The magnitude of being the starting quarterback at LSU, are you more aware of it this year than when you first arrived?

I've definitely become more aware of it. It hit me when we had all the boosters here at the opening of (the football operations building), and I took a step back. I was like, 'Wow. I'm at a really special place.' I think I Tweeted it out after. It just hit me that we have so much support behind us. Our coaching staff is great. I'm with great guys on the team. I took a step back right there and realized it.

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