As we reported earlier this week, Les Miles attempted to extend the contract of offensive coordinator Cam Cameron earlier this season. That did not happen. So, you’d assume that Cameron might not keep his current position on the staff.

LSU’s special teams have allowed more return yards than any over the last five-plus years. Bradley Dale Peveto is the special teams coordinator.

Beyond that, we’re not sure.

It’s becoming more and more evident that Jimbo Fisher is the top choice and, maybe, the only choice if Les Miles and LSU part ways. We’re not even sure if we could name a good second option right now.

Jimbo Fisher.

That sort of thing is the norm with a new coach. Not only would you expect a, somewhat, open competition at QB, but there would likely be open competitions at several other spots where a starter returns.

The offense and defensive systems could be drastically different under a new head coach. That means everyone starts at Square 1. However, keep in mind that those with more playing time in the past will likely have an advantage over others. That’s especially true at the quarterback position, where experience is key.

Also: you should remember that Etling’s decision to come here was somewhat tied to Cameron.

Can’t see why LSU wouldn’t. What Mullen’s done at Mississippi State (54 wins in seven seasons) is impressive. He was rumored years ago to be in the mix for jobs at Penn State and Miami, but things never materialized.

He fits the mold of a coach that LSU wants to replace Les Miles: a proven head coach with a snazzy offensive system.

I assume you’re referring to next season since Etling is ineligible to play this year as a D1 transfer.

I imagine that Etling will get a shot, especially if LSU has a new offense and a new head coach. As we referenced in an earlier question, the starting spot for several positions that return starters in 2016 will be up for the taking if the Tigers have staff/head coaching turnover.