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LSU fans tailgate on the Parade Ground before a game in September.

Student groups planning to tailgate on LSU's Parade Ground before Saturday's game against Troy will have to comply with some new rules, according to a letter LSU sent out this week.

Among the regulations: Assigned spots, no common drink containers, no glass containers, no couches, no vehicles, no tent walls or drapes. Groups affected include fraternities, sororities, academic and religious-based organizations and sports clubs.

The new regulations released by LSU are only for Parade Ground activities. The new rules don't apply to groups tailgating elsewhere on campus.

Some Greek activities, including tailgating, had been suspended for a week following the death of freshman fraternity pledge Maxwell Gruver.

Also, last week law enforcement announced increased security at LSU home games, particularly targeting underage drinking after recent incidents involving alcohol on campus, including Gruver's death.

Some of the changes were introduced in a 2016 proposal meant to promote campus safety, LSU officials said at the time. Town hall meetings found many students resistent to the changes, contending they threatened LSU's legendary tailgate culture

One policy already in place but not previously enforced will require groups to register their tailgates in advance through a system that will assign 30-foot-by-30-foot roped-off areas.

According to the letter:

  • Groups may not set up on the Parade Ground until 8 a.m. on game day.
  • Tailgate activities must fit within each group's assigned location.
  • Each group may have up to four tailgating tents, with each being no larger than 10-feet-by-10-feet. Those tents must have the organization name posted on the tent.
  • Before tailgating activities are finished and students leave their tailgating location, tents must be broken down and transported off the Parade Ground. Assigned areas must be cleaned in an effort to “leave no trace.”
  • Failure to comply with these responsibilities will result in loss of privilege to tailgate on the Parade Ground and other possible penalties.