Wednesday started easy.

Shorts and a T-shirt at my kitchen table. An email arranging an interview about an LSU player. A post about Glenn Dorsey’s induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Game film prep for LSU’s annual coaching clinic.

Louisiana only had one confirmed COVID-19 case at the time, and LSU had just finished its second day of spring football practice.

Then the freight train of news in college sports gained full steam that afternoon, when NCAA President Mark Emmert announced there’d be no fans at March Madness tournaments. Texts to sources zinged. Crazy times. Phone calls with officials were brief and largely uninformative. Not much more to say. When the NBA postponed its season that night, I was still at my kitchen table. I still hadn’t dressed.

Media access to Thursday’s practice was restricted. Scheduled player interviews were canceled. College coaches, who were out visiting prospects, got were yanked off the recruiting trail when the Southeastern Conference halted off-campus recruiting.

The coaching clinic lasted just one night. Reporters and coaches rubbed in hand sanitizer, shook hands, and breathed opinions freely, debating whether the madness would soon blow over. No, it hasn’t yet.

I haven’t seen most of those people in person since that night. An entire season came and went, no matter how bizarre it might have been. Many of those coaches have since moved on. Vaccines are arriving. We’re still waiting for the madness to blow over.

Crazy times. Not much more to say.

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