LSU Georgia 2003 Nick Saban

LSU vs. Georgia (17-10) LSU head coach Nick Saban celebrates LSU's victory over Georgia with the student section of Tiger Stadium on Sept. 20, 2003.

What do you remember from Georgia vs. LSU in 2003.

Depending on whom you ask, some might say that breakthrough 17-10 win for the Tigers and then-coach Nick Saban was the most electric Tiger Stadium experience they've witnessed. Bigger than the Earthquake Game vs. Auburn. Bigger than that epic night vs. Florida in 2007.

Sports Illustrated spoke to several well-known folks in the LSU community to see how they remember that day. Below are a few of some of the best anecdotes. Click here to read the full story.


Jack Marucci, head LSU trainer since 2003...

Players filtered in and out the training room with playbooks in hand while discussing, not girls or party plans, but football. “I knew we were locked in,” Marucci said. “They were talking about personnel matchups.”

Former Georgia offensive coordinator Neil Callaway...

As Georgia’s team buses arrived at Tiger Stadium around 12:30 p.m., Callaway did not expect to see a man’s bare ass. He was wrong. “People were mooning,” said Callaway, now the offensive line coach at Southern California. “They were lined up out there from the bus to the locker room, hollering and acting like fools.”

Former LSU quarterback Matt Mauck, who led the Tigers to the win that day...

With the game tied at 10 with 90 seconds left, LSU faced a third-and-4 from the Bulldogs' 34-yard line. Wide receiver Skyler Green didn't exactly run correct route on that play -- but it all worked out in the end as he caught the game-winning score.

“I come out and think, ‘Where the hell’s Skyler?’” Mauck said. “Then I caught a glimpse of him deep and threw it.”

Brandon Landry, the founder and CEO of Walk-On's, which opened that first location in Tiger Stadium's shadows just 11 days before the game.

“We were trying to keep the inside clean and classy,” Landry said, “but when Skyler Green caught the ball, there was more beer flying and cheese fries … People were throwing oysters against the mini blinds.”

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